Pins and needles in hands and feet today

Hi, this is my first post - was diagnosed with bc and bone mets just before Xmas, had no idea I had either, just thought I had a very bad back. The breast lump is apparently very deep and I would never have found it myself.

Anyway, back for biopsy results on Monday but the oncologist who I saw whilst I was staying in hospital before Xmas was quite positive and encouraging that lots of things could be done which has done no end to help me have a positive attitude myself (very early days, I know)

Last night and today, however, I have a niggling tingling in my hands and feet - it’s not really enough to bother me (or wouldn’t be normally) but just wondering whether I should contact anyone before my appointment on Monday or just wait it out.

Hi Lesley…I was diagnosed bc and bone mets together in 2003…still here and doing ok…Good Luck with your treatment…I get the tingles every now and then…but I would advise you to mention it at your appointment…Take Care…x

Hi Lesley,

What rotten luck to get dx of bc & bone mets in one go. May I ask if the reason you were in hospital before Christmas was because of the bone mets problem? How was your lump discovered? Sorry if this is too intrusive. I would be tempted to give the hospital a call if your pins & needles continues, if your stay in hospital was related to spine problems. At least it would put your mind at rest. I have had breast cancer for 19 years now with extensive bone mets since 2002. Once I started on bisphosphonates (bone treatment) the pain improved and I was able to come off pain meds. Do keep in touch here and let us know how you get on.


Thank you, Belinda and Dawn, for the welcome.

Dawn, I’d been suffering from a bad back since around September, GP had put me on painkillers and then I paid a fortune to a chiropractor and nothing improved. Was rushed into A&E by ambulance at the beginning of December in agonising back pain, still nothing picked up, no X-ray offered, was given morphine and sent home again.

Went back to my GP again as co-codamol and Naproxen were having no effect on my back, he eventually sent me for X-ray which showed signs of collapsed vertebrae. I was then immediately taken in to hospital as an in-patient on 19th December so that they could run MRI and CT scans etc, and this is when lump was discovered and was told of diagnosis by spinal surgeon. The oncologist also came to see me and, as I said above, was full of positive thoughts of things which could be done.

She immediately started me on Tamoxifen and on my last night in hospital I was put on a drip for a bone-strengthening treatment (I assume bisphosphonates??). To be honest, the pain in my back is virtually non-existent now, I have mets to my ribs as well apparently (although not extensive) and my ribs feel slightly sore if I press on them, but nothing like the pain which I’ve endured over the last three months - so obviously something’s doing some good somewhere!

Since I posted that first thing this morning, the pins and needles has subsided a bit - I think I may have sat in one place for too long yesterday and it’s been better this morning as I’ve moved around a bit. I’ll keep an eye on it though and will phone the hospital if it returns/gets worse.

From what I’ve read so far, this forum seems great - just the sort of support I’ve been looking for.

Hi Lesley,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care chat forums. As you can see the ladies and men who use this site are wonderful at supporting each other and have a wealth of information between them, so please don’t be afraid to ask anything.

If you need to speak to someone independent and in confidence then please do use the BCC helpline, the staff are here to support you through this journey. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm (excepting Bank Holidays) Calls to the helpline are free, 0808 800 6000.

Hope this helps

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Thank you Jo, I will definitely be making use of that phone line!

Hi again Lesley…sounds as though your treatment’s working really well. Like you I had Tamoxifen at first…and had good results from it…I found Tamoxifen and later Arimidex would both cause cramps/tingling. Do post as often as you like…this is a very supportive place…Take Care…x

Thank you Belinda, x

That’s just the sort of positive news that I need to hear right now, will be back here on a daily basis if not more so!!

The breast care nurse rang me this afternoon as a courtesy call - prior to my appt with the onc on Monday so I mentioned to her about the tingling, she didn’t seem to think it would be a side-effect of the Tamoxifen but said I should mention it at my appointment. It seems to have gone today anyway but I’ll still mention it.

Have pain in my ribs today (not horrendous but noticeable) but she said that was common to have a few good days (and I’ve been virtually pain-free) and then have a bad one - spent a long time at the computer yesterday so maybe that hasn’t helped

Lesley x

Hi Lesley,

Thought I would pop in and say thinking of you with your appointment today.


Hi Lesley

Just caught up with this thread. Wishing you lots of luck for your appointment today, and hope it goes well for you. It is awful being diagnosed with secondaries at the same time as breast cancer, and very upsetting. I was dx with bc and liver mets in July 07, but had no symptoms for my liver mets. But doing OK at the mo.

I hope u sort out the pins and needles.

Let us know how u get one.


Thank you Dawn and Dawn!

Well, I went for my first proper onc appointment today and on the whole I think it went okay. They still haven’t had my full core biopsy results yet as apparently they have to go via Bristol and that takes three weeks, but should be back in Taunton by the end of the week, so I still don’t know whether I’m + or - etc. However, the onc was quite positive about my progress so far - I’m virtually pain-free apart from a very slight twinge in my back - so he hoped that the Tamoxifen which I’m on already was starting to work. I’ve had one lot of pamidronate already while I was still in hospital and now booked in to have those once a month which is what I expected.

The onc doesn’t want to make any rushed decisions on chemo or rads yet until the full results are in - also he said that because my back pain had reduced so much he’d rather keep the rads back a bit until I really needed it - I can see his point of view, I don’t want to use up my options too fast until I really need them. I also had bloods taken to measure my tumour counters - does that sound right, I’m not at all au fait with all the words yet??

Oh, and the bc nurse told me that after I’d left his room, the onc said to her, “She should do quite well,” which I found encouraging!! So as much as an onc appointment for an incurable disease can be a positive experience, that’s how I’m feeling at the moment.

Lesley xx

Hi Lesley…glad your appointment went well…I have bloods taken every 3 weeks to measure my tumour markers…for me it’s been a great indication of when a treatment’s working well and when it’s time for a change. your onc will be looking for a trend over a period of time. I write mine in my diary so I can track them too…bit sad I know. :slight_smile: x

Not sad Belinda, makes sense to me - I think I shall do the same :slight_smile:

The thing which is making me happy at the moment is the fact that I keep forgetting to take any painkillers, because I really don’t feel I need them - take them first thing in the morning and at bedtime (along with the Tamoxifen) but that’s about it which is a huge difference to three weeks ago before dx when I was in total agony in my spine and ribs.

And I knew I’d forget to ask him something - despite the fact I’d written it all down - but what I really wanted to know was if they could tell how long (a) the bc had been there and (b) how long the bone mets had been there. Will have to ask next time now :frowning: