Pins and Needles?

Has anyone else woke up from their reconconstruction op to find that they have pins and needles in all of their fingers and thumbs?
My op was 25/5/12, when I awoke both hands were the same and a bit swollen. However after a couple of days the swelling went, my left hand I just have pins and needles in my thumb and fore finger, but my right hand I still hae pins and needles in all but my little finger
My suregeon is not sure what has caused it either, so he is keeping an eye on it. They have suggsted that it could be because of the position that my arms were strapped down in during the operation, maybe a trapped nerve, maybe Carpul tunnel, but I did not have it before my op. I do use computers alot and sometimes my wrist aches, but I have never had pins and needles before
It is now really starting to annoy me now, stupid things like writing or doing up the button on my trousers, going to the loo, using cutlery. In the grand scheme of things it is nothing but it is very anoying/frustrating just the same
If anyone else has had the same how long did it last?

Hi Lisa
I have had it too since my operation, I think it’s due to the position we were in during the op. it could with me also be down to my lymph node removal?
As you say, small price to pay after what we have been through!!!
You are wearing proper trousers ?? I have to wear leggings as my tummy is swollen and I can’t get proper clothes on at the moment!!! Am hoping swelling goes down soon. Lol x Anne

Hi Anne
The pins and needles kept me awake last night, so this morning I phoned the ward ans spoke to the sister. She says that she will make sure that I am seen in the dressing clinic on Friday by a doctor as well, so that they can give me a thorough going over, to see if there is anything else causing it. I too had Lymph nodes removed in 2009 when I had my mastectomy?
I don’t wear leggings but I do wear baggy linen trousers. I stayed in my pj’s for the first couple of days but now I am in my linen trousers, although the pins and needles is making buttons and zips very awkward !!
My swelling seems to go down a bit more each day, plus I have weighed myself and my weight has already dropped by 6lbs.

Saw my surgeon yesterday, he has decided to refer me to someone to see if I have Carpal Tunnel, as the pins and needles are still no better and still waking me at night.