PIP and home visits

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I have just had a letter regarding my PIP claim making an appointment for a home visit. Has anyone else on here had a home visit? and if so what can I expect? I am scared about it and already feel like a criminal for just putting in a claim. I was on DLA previously via the DS1500 but as I can happily report I am still here 7 years down the line with both lung and liver mets, I clearly have longer than 6 months to live so haven’t applied for it with the DS1500. I do have medical issues and am on continued herceptin as well as hormonals, suffering with various aches and pains as well as other symtoms including joint pain, extreme fatigue, dizzy spells, migraines/nausea, breathlessness, diahrea and constipation. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks. xx


I applied for and was automatically given pip nearly 4 years ago when first diagnosed with bone mets. After 3 years I had to re- apply and had a home visit and my pip was turned down. I presume initially they didn’t think I would still be here?. The home visit was just a man with a laptop who asked me at least 20 questions he didn’t want me to elaborate and was in the main yes or no answers. I look healthy still work can cook and clean I dress myself can feed myself shop walk etc so I pretty much guessed I would be turned down. The man on the day didn’t give me any indication I just had a letter through the post. So it seems I could have blagged it and told him I couldn’t do anything for myself not sure if he would have put me to the test or not?

I really miss the money though as was hoping to reduce my hours at work as obviously the bone mets and medications and fatigue all take its toll.

Hope you have better luck and you get to keep it


I am horrified by these posts.  I was advised by a hospital councillor to apply for a PIP when I was first diagnosed in 2013.  I did have a phone call when I was asked how far I could walk unaided but that was all. When I mentioned the six months rule to my oncologist, his response was “I’m glad the Government thinks I can tell how long my patients’ survival rates are, because I certainly can’t”.  In his view everyone with an incurable cancer may only have a few months to live.  You shouldn’t have to tell them all about your terrible symptoms - it’s cancer, for heaven’s sake.  You could have a negative reaction to a treatment at any time. 


I did have to reapply after three years  - I had the brass-necked effrontery not to be dead, but “fortunately” the cancer had mutated so they grudgingly renewed it, albeit in a lower amount.  As I will die before they have to pay me the pension that I have contributed to for 42 years, I wrote to my MP.  Astoundingly, I received a phone call a week later from a very apologetic representative of the DWP saying they had got it wrong and here’s the full amount.


so the lesson is - don’t be terrified, be mad! 

Hello, I first applied for and received full PIP in summer 2015, after SBC diagnosis. Happily I am still here 3.5 years later, and when the reminder came in April, I asked for help with the application from local Cancer charity volunteer, who had previously assisted me. Unfortunately, after the application was made, it appears the nurse who was asked to complete the relevant form did me no favours, and the volunteer told me I wouldn’t be eligible for the PIP (obviously I am so well??). I accepted this, then got a letter from DWP telling me a home visit was required. I telephoned them, to say it wasn’t necessary as I was no longer eligible, but the lady on the other end was firm, telling me that it was down to the Assessor to make my case for me (to a Panel). She persuaded me to have the home visit. On the day, the lady Assessor couldn’t have been nicer. My husband hovered in the background, and had some input about sleepless nights, grumpy mornings and how we had made adaptions in the home, as part of remodelling (new, less steep stairs: toilet adjacent to window ledge which can aid getting up: that he does most of the cooking… ). I did not lie, or exaggerate anything. However she was obviously empathetic. 10 weeks later, I got the call to say my PIP was approved, just short of the full amount, and back-paid to early May.
I would not have gone through with the home visit without the firm insistence of the woman on the phone… thank goodness I did. And one last thing, never forget that if we are not around at 67 to collect our hard earned Pensions, then we have every right to any assistance or benefits from the government. Stay strong, and enjoy every day!

Hi eveyone,


Thank you for all your advice and help.


After all that they cancelled on me, my appointment was for yesterday (monday the 12th) they phoned on Friday afternoon to inform me the assessor was ill. So after all that fretting it was a no show after all. I’ve been waiting for this since August!!! Its ridiculous.


The person who phoned me from PIP told me that they didn’t know when they could rearrange the visit but it would probably be early December. I told them that I am due to have a 2nd mastectomy (to hopefully help with migraines, neck pain and back pain from the weight of the remaining breast no recon), on the 27th of this month which would make it very hard for them to assess me correctly being that I will be in recovery from this operation. The PIP representative asked "how long will you be in hospital? to which I said it was a day case (no beds at my hospital) so have to come home that day with drains!! honestly I am at my wits end.


Apologies for the rant but this is totally disgusting.