PIP and Warm Home Discount Scheme

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but just want to make people aware that if you receive PIP, you should be able to claim a Warm Home a Discount Scheme.  It is not the same as Winter Fuel Payment.  It is a one off payment through your energy provider of £140 .  


When I went to gov.uk, I thought I wasn’t eligible because it doesn’t talk about PIP at all, but when I went to my energy provider, they told me if I received PIP I was also eligible under the “broader” group.  


Its definitely worth looking into.





Thanks for this.  I have just checked with British Gas as my partner receives PIP as he has been diagnosed with MS. 


I was advised that we are not eligible for this as our annual household income is more than the £16,190 pa threshold, but it was certainly worth the call as we were not aware of this.  Should our circumstances change we know it is there if we need it.  Apparently you have to apply for it each year with British Gas, so hopefully this additional information might be useful to others.

hi, i applied for this when it was first raised but hadnt heard anything so i e mailed them. I was told i was ‘unmatched’ with the DWP which i dont understand as i get esa and pip. I was also told that some people are randomly selected for checks but i hadnt been. I was told to supply info on income, pip etc. I then got another e mAIL back saying i had been selected for checks…i have had to send 3 months of bank statements, evidence of pip and esa so we’ll see what happens. Apert from a little time and chasing up i havent lost anything so i say give it a go. X

Just to let you know i have heard today that i qualify for the warm home discount: anyone thinking of applying please do…as they say, every little helps. x