Hi ladies. …post arrived this morning from DWP to say I’ve been awarded the enhanced rare of £81.30 a week and mobility component of £56.75 a week …backdated to when I first made the tel enquiry on 4 july…so total of £907.00 being paid into my bank on Monday !!!..big big happy jig around the room!!!
Also says I am now entitled to free car tax and I’d had a car tax reminder 2 days ago!
Hope all you ladies are applying for yours !!
Love hugs…bev xxx

That’s brilliant Bev really pleased for you. I’m hoping mine will come through in a couple of weeks I didn’t know about the car tax thing that will be a big help xxx

Hi Bev…I go backwards and fowards to Bristol  to visit my mother and to take her backwards and fowards for her treatment…the blue badge gives free travel  accross the severn bridge which is also a big help.xx

Hey thats fab news Bev!!! Really pleased for you
love Janette x x

Thats good to know Pam…we have relatives in the midlands that we regularly visit so thats useful! xxx

This whole process has only taken 5 weeks from start to finish…and thats including the 2 weeks it took to receive the claims forms in the post and then a 7 day wait to see the benefits advisor at the hosp! That’s pretty good eh?

I have just recieved the claim form about to start claim form  and will be starting chemo then radiotherapy in September… but friend of mine applied and was told she didnt qualify ???

Hi girls, I was diagnosed 13/8/14 and called the dwp to make a claim 14/8/14. Today I have been informed I too qualify for the £81 and £50 odd level and free car tax! But I just feel like I am inches away from dying. Can anyone talk some sense into daft me? Ethel x

Hi Ethel, thats great news!! Don’t be daft your going no where lady!!! You go and choose a shiney new car.
Love and hugs Janette x x

Hi ladies…glad to hear you’re now getting your PIP through. Another snippet of good news that may apply to some of you…
Last friday i checked my bank balance and lo and behold there appeared a payment from HMRC for disability working tax credits for £506 ! I have nog applied for these and didn’t know why i was receiving them.
The following day i had an award letter in the post from HMRC saying this was because i was in receipt of a disability benefit. …PIP…and because i work 16 hours a week or more.
This payment had been backdated few weeks but I’m to receive £351 a month until further notice!
So an added bonus if you work ladies ?
love bev xxxx

Kaye have you tried chasing it up? My macmillan benefits advisor said it should only take 2-3 weeks…
bev xxx

Hi Kaye, I applied in June and am still waiting too :- (
My McMillan nurse and Onc wouldnt fill it in so i’v had to go the long route arrgg!! I’v been told by a friend who works for the DWP that its taking up to 7 months!!
love an hugs Janette x x

Thank you for your posts they really are a help. Today’s job is to fill out the blue badge request!!! Are there any other benefits to this dx lurking ahead? Ethel x

The blue badge arrived today! I was well miffed that the lidl disabled space was further away than the others lol ethel x

Haha Ethel that made me laugh!!: - ) you will have to get there earlier next wk, anyway great news on getting your badge, i’m still waiting for PIP applied in June!!
Love Janette xx

Hey great news Ethel! Had to chuckle though about lidl! Glad everyone’s getting what theyre entitled to.

Finally got my pip today yippee after waiting since May,but it doesn’t start till end of October because I was on the lower rate of dla and because I was on dla I don’t get it backdated which seems abit unfair.but on the plus side at least I get it .
Kaye xx

Hey, thats great news Kaye, i applied in June and am still waiting!! I rang them yesterday to chase and was told its taking longer than the 12 to 16wks that it said on my letter they sent in June.
Did you have to go for a medical assessment for it??
hugs Janette x x

Great news kaye! Been a long time coming though!
Love bev xx

Hi ladies, please can i pick your brains
Does your onc or bcn have to fill in the DS1500 form?? They wouldnt fill it in for me they said i wasnt “at that stage yet” but i am really struggling working im soo tired and my back aches soo much when i’m done.
My GP has said he is happy to write any letters i need so was wondering if he could fill the form out?? I have applied already in June and i’m still waiting to hear back.
Thank you love Janette x x