Hi.  I am receiving PIP at the moment which now needs renewing.,  My onc who signed the form 3 years ago has refused to sign the form as he now believes I have longer than 12 months to live. Obviously pleased he thinks I am going to live longer than 12 months but upset as I spend the extra money on herbs and supplements, oxygen therpay and other alternative treatments which I believe make a difference to my health.  It was his secretary who phoned me an told me he was not signing the form so not seen him personally.  I am due to see him in June and want to put my case forward.  Have other people had it refused applying for it a second time.?  Can my GP sign the form or can I change onc?  I don’t want to appear grabby etc but these other treatments give me hope and without them I won’t have any hope.  My husband is on JSA at the moment and I work part time so not got loads of money.  I am 48.  xx

Hi, I read the comments but don’t comment. My GP signed my DS1500.

Hiya Gigli
I haven’t got a clue how these things work I’m afraid.
I’ve just got mine for three years and so if I’m around after that …presume mine will stop too.
Sorry …useless reply really.
Hugs xx

That’s madness Gigli!  Go and get the DS1500 from your GP. I never talk about “how long” with my Onc so I never even thought to ask him for Ds1500 - just went to GP although I am sure he’d do one if I asked. My way of thinking is “would it be a surprise if I died in the next 6 months?” Ummm, no because I have secondary cancer but that does not mean I will die.  The Ds1500 asks for facts only - no opinion on life expectancy.  Pretty sure the guidance for GPs is to issue upon request so you shouldn’t have an issue. Hope you get it sorted.

Hi.  Thank you for your comments.  I will make an appointment with my GP. Many Thanks X

Hi, You should take this up with your BC nurse. A friend of mine worked at Citizens Advice and was aware that PIP can be renewed more than once where people have a terminal illness. Also worth contacting Macmillan as they have loads of info. Hope this helps and good luck! X

Hi Gigli


Your doctor should be ashamed.  A counsellor at the hospital advised me to apply for PIP because I wouldn’t be able to work and the Government have delayed paying my state pension (I’m 62).  The official Government line is that it is only for people who have a life expectancy of six months or less.  I was nervous about applying but my consultant said he would never estimate how long his patients had to live but he could confirm that metastatic breast cancer is incurable and if the DWP knew more than he did he would be delighted to hear from them.  This is how doctors should think, in my opinion.  Having said that, I have just had my PIP re-assessed and they have, of course, knocked thirty quid a week off - no idea why, still investigating.  I have written to my MP and so should you (your own MP obviously).  This was raised by a back-bencher at Prime Minister’s Questions a few weeks ago.  I know you’re not as old as I am but I’m willing to bet you’ve paid NIC for a good number of years.  My GP actually signs my form and I would have a chat with him.   I’d also have a go at the consultant in June and ask him what jobs he thinks you could do.  You might have more than 12 months to live but are you able to work is the point, I’d have thought. 


No doubt they want you to trek to the job centre every week - even though you don’t feel up to it.  Benefits are a moot point with cancer patients at the moment since they changed the rules around “disability”.  I know many of the big cancer charities are tasking up the cause.  There are a lot of people out there with “bad backs” getting PIP.  


It’s the last thing you need, but you have to keep nagging at the DWP and your representatives to find some support while you struggle to find some quality of life.


Best of luck. 

Hiya lynsdsey
Glad u have pip all sorted …it’s always worth chasing it up etc. I have mine for a three year period so if I’m still around then assume I will have to reapply.
It’s such a help with extras we all spend on with this dreadful disease .
Changing subject …my house insurance came for renewal … £503 … a huge increase. Phoned them up and got it reduced to £173 with another company.!!! Bit of a saving.
Hugs xx

How do you get your Vit c treatment?Ive only just applied for PIP x

Oops my brain is so scrambled I meant oxygen therapy ?!

Hi, do you have a palliative care nurse? I do & am really lucky to have a brill one. She did most of the applying for pips on my behalf(I just had to sign) & because of my breathing difficulties also arranged for oxygen to be installed. I think the GP would prefer to try other methods first eg. inhalers, steroids etc, but after making it clear I really didn’t want anything other than natural, she sorted it out. Having said that I have been on a low dosage of steroids for 3 weeks & it’s helped my breathlessness & my appetite too …good luck xx