Hi everyone I’m a newbie, I’ve had cancer since 2014, when I had a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I have had all my lymph nodes removed, which I now have lymphodema in my left arm. Been on tamoxifen for nearly 4 years, which is a nightmare with bone ache and constant sweating, I just have fans all over the house ? I think I may be on it for 10 years now. 

My left arm, I can’t lift as high now, have trouble lifting heavy items .

also my cancer spread to my spine and chest, which they monitor regularly, blood test, ct scans etc.

ive had cellulitis a good few times which made me quite poorly, so I now have antibiotics at home ready.


never had much help regarding finances, and wonder if I would be eligible for PIP?  Bit scared to apply.  Never really thought about… as we struggle financially.

Any advice much appreciated.




Do you still have a bc nurse? I’ve just spoken to mine about PIP this morning. She’s emailed my local Macmillan financial advisor for a home visit. Maybe you could do the same. I initially rang Macmillan for advice but they weren’t very helpful. I think a home visit is the way forward.
My bc nurse says she’ll try to get me it through the special rules. This can be quite scary I suppose, but as I plan on going absolutely nowhere for a very long time I’m taking it with a pinch of salt.
Good luck. X

Ask for help filling in forms (either through your local cancer charity or your GP/surgery). I am now 3.5 years post diagnosis, and got PiP straight away. I thought I would not get anything after the 3 year expiry date, in fact I called the DWP to cancel a home visit (thinking it pointless and humiliating) however I received good advice from them, to go ahead with the visit and see what happens. I got the PiP awarded again for another 3 years, without jumping through any hoops or putting on any kind of show. It is a benefit that makes the difference between going without and being comfortable. I have a small personal pension and also get Income Support. I am 56, and do not anticipate collecting my State Pension. I worked 34 years before diagnosis, and I firmly believe I get what I am entitled to. Please don’t let reticence stop you getting what YOU are entitled to…

Morning anyone available, for advice,

started pip process beg September, just had letter to visit me at home…

what does this mean ?   Do you have to do tasks? Not bending at the oven, And  replying to trick questions.

think I may cancel, not performing and I know the points will not be enough ?

is it worth it ?


got today to cancel…


thanks for listening.

your advice much appreciated 



Thank you Nicky , very helpful.

im leaning towards cancelling the appointment, can’t put myself through it …