Piqray and fulvestrant


I am about to embark on the above treatment and would appreciate any feedback from anyone on the treatment.  I have just come off a trial drug which I started last September,  which unfortunately was too toxic for my body resulting in anemia,  servere vomiting,  losing over 2 stone in weight , brain fog where I  felt I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other. This has totally knocked me sideways, I was always a very positive person, and the thought of starting something new which makes me that poorly again fills me with dread. No treatment is easy, but I’m hoping it will be better than what I have just been through. My cancer is ER pos HER neg and I  have a PIK3CA mutation.

Hi there

hope this treatment is more gentle with you! I am on fulvestrant and palbociclib so can’t give any advice about piqray. For fulvestrant my main advice would be drink lots of water before and after, the one time I didn’t I almost fainted before they had finished the injections. It doesn’t hurt at the time but your bottom will be sore the next day, I always take paracetamol before bed the day after as it then doesn’t bother me when I turn over in bed, and then I go for a long walk the next day as that seems to ease the bottom muscles and the pain goes away.

Good luck with it


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