Planning ahead?

Can anyone help.I have had Fec chemo a week ago…I feel fine ish a bit sick and tired but otherwise ok.I really want to plan some days out and a weekend away .So nice to have things to look forward to.My problem is I just dont know how I am going to feel.Every day I find myself waiting to see if I feel ill…Such a horrible feeling not knowing.Could anyone a little ahead of me with treatment tell me how they are feeling/coping with side effects.


Hi Pipro, glad to hear that your first treatment went well and you seem to be coping with the side effects well. I’ve just had my third round of FEC and for me week one is always the worst, specifically the first 48 hours.  I feel very nauseated, so struggle to eat, which then just effects my whole energy levels. After that, thing generally pick up for me and I improve quickly throughout the cycle until the next round. After you have tracked your own side effects for the first cycle, you’ll probably find that they fall into a pattern and you’ll know when you are most effected during your cycle.  Hope that the rest of your treatments go smoothly and sorry I can’t offer anything further, chemo just seems to effect people so individually it’s hard to predict what will happen when someone starts treatment. Wishing you all good things x Pirate Muppet :slight_smile: