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Could anyone recommend a plastic surgeon in the north west? I am thinking about reconstruction, mainly diep or free flap, as i have six kids and plenty to spare off my belly!!! I met with one plastic surgeon at wythenshawe hospital in manchester and was not happy for her to perform surgery on me. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


I had a mastectomy with immediat TRAM at Chorley with Mr Saidan. He’s lovely and I’m really pleased with the result. I go in 2 weeks for nipple recon.

Marilyn X


I had Mr George at Chorley but Mr George and Mr Saidan are breast surgeons and not plastic surgeons. All the breast surgeons at Chorley are marvellous and I would certainly recommend them. I had mastectomy last year with immediate reconstructions using back muscle.

My friend sees a female surgeon at Countess of Chester, not sure of her name but could get it for you, who is doing her a reconstruction in a couple of weeks. She had mastectomy performed a year last October.

Which area are you in? You can choose which hospital to go to these days.

Marilyn - How long is it since you had your mastectomy? I haven’t seen Mr George since last year with having chemo etc and want my "dog ear " bit of flesh taking off and also the nipple done and not sure how long you have to leave it after op and treatment.

Liz xx

Hi Liz

Had mine Aug 06. Had chemo and had last herceptin yesterday. Couldn’t face extra appointments as bad enough with regular ones. Felt it was time now. They said it could be done 12months down the line and to get a referral when I was ready. At the time Burnley did not do recons.

Marilyn x


I also had my mastectomy at chorley with Mr Saidan but I had a delayed reconstruction. He refered me to a plastic surgeon called Mr Paterson for my TRAM flap which was done at Preston & I was very pleased with the results. The results were so good that nurses kept coming for a peek at it. Both surgeons are lovely & I would recommend them both.

Lisa x


My dad and sister are under Mr Paterson and think he’s lovely. He was in the Lancashire Evening Post last Saturday with regard to doing cosmetic plastic surgery on a private basis I think.

Jameve - can you get our breast nurse to refer you ?

Liz xx


Thank you for your replies, will definately be talking to my BCN and see what she can do, Hope everyone is doing fine

Jameva xxx

Hi Jameva. I had my reconstruction at Chorley with Mr. Boland he’s wonderrful. I had a tissue expander put in place last August and am due to have my anatomical implant and other breast augmented and lifted sometime in the next couple of months. Having a reconstruction was probably the best decision I have made in my life.

Hope it all goes OK


HWi all

We have started a Breast Support Group at Vine House in Cromwell Road, Preston if you are interesting in attending. It’s early stages but if you can call Vine House for info.

One lady actually suggested Mr Boland come to give us a talk - think it was more so that we could just look at his lovely looks !!!

Liz xx

Hi Jameva,
Just interested why you didn’t want to go to Wythenshawe? I am under plastic surgeon there and had some issues. made me think it might not just be me!!

has anyone had reconstruction with Mrs Ann Brain at Christies Manchester I have an appointment with her in May


I had my LD recon (without an implant) done by Mrs Ooi (Consultant breast surgeon) at Royal Bolton Hosp, Bolton 3 weeks ago and I can’t praise her enough, both her work and bedside manner are fantastic and I would certainly recommend her to anybody.


Hi all,

I went to see Mrs Brain at wythenshawe hospital and did not feel confident with her, she kept yawning in to my face the whole way through the apointment and basically was not very interested in my case, so that has knocked me back a bit! Not sure now whether to have surgery or not! Whereas before i went to see her really wanted it as i am 35 years old with six kids and want to feel like a woman and mum again.

A lot more thinking about it i think

Thanks for all your replies


Hi jameva,

I saw Mr. Baildam at wythenshawe hospital. He is very nice. He recommended the LD one for me with implant.
Still plucking up courage to go ahead.
All the best


Hi Jameva,

I had a partial mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using the latissimus dorsi muscle (LD) nearly three weeks ago and feeling fine. Bit tired but getting there. I saw Mr. Barr at Spire Manchester Hospital in Whalley Range (formerly BUPA) but he also works at Wythenshawe. Would have no hesitation in recommending him, he is lovely and very patient when I go in with all my questions.

The operation is quite major and I did feel like a very old woman for the first few days (I’m 37), but it all passes. It wasn’t painful, just felt a bit uncomfortable and a bit strange as the muscle has moved but its getting better every day. The scars look great, they’re really thin and pale already, he has done a fantastic job.

Any questions, please ask.

Andrea x

Hi Andrea,
it was great to read your comments as I will be having a LD op on May 16th at whisten. Feeling really frightened at the moment. Glad you are on the mend!
Take care Di x

Hi Di,

Sorry to hear you are nervous about it, I was a bit apprehensive but my surgeon was so confident about it all, he made it sound very routine and easy (which it probably is to them!!!) I previously had had 3 WLE prior to this so was getting used to being in hospital, so was only a bit nervous.

This time they gave me something just before the anaesthetic which was great - felt drunk for about 20 seconds, remember telling the anaesthetist what a great drug it was, and the next thing I was in recovery. So would advise that if you get the option!

My case might have been a bit easier as they only took away the very lower part of my boob, so I don’t know what it is like to have a complete mastectomy and reconstruction. However, so far so good, only have to see the physio now but she is confident I should be back to a good range of movement quite quickly.

Hope all goes well for you, but don’t forget to be patient with yourself and make sure you get lots of pampering and looking after! Let me know how you get on.

Andrea x