Plastic surgery after WLE - on NHS?

Wondered if anyone knew what the situation is with regard to possible plastic surgery after WLE, in my case bilateral. I’m 9 months post surgery and had hoped that the horrible scars and dents would fade a bit, but as time goes on they look worse. On left I’ve got a T shaped scar that all puckers inwards - reminds me of an old person’s mouth without dentures - not a good look. On right I’ve got a big dent above nipple.

I was recommended a bilateral Mx and got as far as seeing plastic surgeon about immediate LD flap reconstruction but felt my situation did not warrant that at this stage with clear nodes. I still don’t regret my decision, I’d rather have my own, but I’d love to get to the point where I can look in the mirror and not be so obviously reminded.

I couldn’t afford to have it done privately and wondered if anyone had had such surgery on NHS? And even if that had been the case in the past, I wonder if it still would be now?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Sheila,

Oh, I hope you can have NHS treatment for it, because it sounds as if you’d really benefit from having it done. Are you able to contact a bcn at the hospital about it, or even ask to be re-referred to the plastic surgeon again? I think such treatment would be counted as “oncoplastic”, because it’s needed as a result of having had cancer.

Please let us know how you go on, and hopefully others will be on here to offer their experiences.

With much love,
Shelley xxx

I had a WLE as well - and I did ask about this when I went through the procedure.

I was told that anyone who has breast cancer is entitled to corrective surgery afterwards - and we talked about possible options for me including fat transfer, implants and partial LD flap cover.

My appearance is OK at the moment, and I still have post rads swelling and some breast lymphoedema, so this isn’t anything I am pursuing currently.

But I had the conversation and was told I could if I needed or wanted.

Thanks ladies
I think I will pursue this, maybe after the first year check ups in January. Its difficult as we’ve very little to compare to but I just feel my scars are really pretty ugly.

I had a tidy up op 4 months after my bi-mx. They seemed quite happy to do it for me. Mine was at the Western General in Edinburgh. I notice that you are Scottish too. Can’t see that needing work after WLE is any less important.