Hi all, could anyone give me information on platlettes. My sister had breast cancer 10 years and was told in Febuary that she was cancer free. Then in August after a fall she had x-ray and it showed breaks in neck due to breast cancer. Then scans showed it was wide spread in her bones. Now docs say it is in the bone marrow and her platettes are very low, they are at 39. Told her to go home and enjoy christmas and they will give her a platlette tranfusion after Christmas. How many will they give. We had a sister die 5 years ago with breast cancer and I also have breast cancer. We carry the BRAC2 gene. This all seams so not real but when I asked my doc about it , he just said I need to be strong for her. To be strong we need some answers.

Sorry you haven’t had any replies yet. I found some information about platlet transfusions on the MacMillan site which might be helpful?

I hope it goes well for your sister, and that the transfusion works well for her.

Dear bellakate

It may also help just to talk things over with someone on our Helpline. They will be able to offer you information and support. The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000.

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Hi Revcat/Janet
Thanks for opening my thread. I read the information on the MacMillan site but I would love to know if anyone has a low platlette count and the transfusion has helped them. My sister is very tired and can hardly make it out of bed. I just want her to get better.l

Hi Bellakate
I too had a low platelet count just before my bone mets were diagnosed, it is one of the warning signs as I understand, as your bones are not producing enough. Mine picked up after I started chemo, for bone mets, so I didnt need a transfusion. Having said that I did have a platelet transfusion many years ago when I had severe pre-eclampsia when pregnant with my eldest. Its the same process as a blood transfusion but just concentrated platelets rather than whole blood. Is your sister on any other treatment? as I said, my count pcked up once I was receiving treament that destroyed the cancer cells.
Good luck and I hope she feels stronger soon.

Hi Nicky
Thakyou for your response, It realy has helped, you sound so well. Maybe the transfusion will work and she will feel stronger. She is not recieving any treatment. We were thinking it was something that could not be fixed. They have said her cancer is wide spread in her bones and in the bone marrow but not in any of her organs. So please God she will pick up.