Please help - lump in groin

Hey all,

I was dx 2.5 years ago with grade 3 ductal carcinoma, chemo, rads, Tamoxifen etc aged 28.

I have just discovered a small baked bean sized lump in my groin. The whole of my groin area feels quite noduly but this particual one is way more prominent.
A few weeks back I made an appointment to see Breast Surgeon as I thought I felt something in me breast. He pretty much said my main probem was anxiety and to stop worrying.

Should I make an appointment to see doc or give it a while and see if its still there,

Thanks all,

Mandy :heart:

If the lump is baked bean shaped, smooth and squidy when prodded and also tender, it is very likely to be an inflamed lymph node. This could be for lots of reasons - anything on your legs - a recent bite for example or a viral illness. I get a inflamed node when a get piles (too much information for you, I know!). Go get it checked if you are worried, but maybe wait a few days to see if it goes down?