Please help me understand the process

I found a lump in the lower right breast . I went to a womens clinic yesterday . I told the doctor I felt a lump , but didn’t tell her where . She did the exam and could not find it . I showed her where it was . It seems to ‘sink’ into the rest of the tissue , but I can pop it out and wiggle it around between two fngers . Not painful and is maybe the size of a pea , kind of squishy ,maybe a little firm . I first noticed it about a year ago and completely forgot about it . I don’t remember well enough to tell if it feels bigger thann a year ago . It does seem to get a little bigger after ovulation and before the next period . The doctor couldn’t give me any info, just that she was sending me to the breast clinic . That is where I need help understanding . Mammograms are only recommended in women over 40 , I’m 32 . She scheduled me for a mammogram and ultrasound this Friday the 18th . However I am also scheduled for the breast surgeon on Tues. the 22nd . Why do I already have an appt with the surgeon ? Is this in case something shows on the tests Friday  ? What is the surgeon likely to do to me on Tuesday if something comes up on the tests ?   The photo is of the lump caught between my fingers . FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Hi Sammi,
As you know, referral to the breast clinic is what should happen in this situation & mammo & ultrasound are routine examinations.
You are right, mammos may not be as accurate in younger women, however, the ultrasound could give an answer anyway & for many women, this is all that’s needed.
I’m not sure about the referral for a surgical opinion, although this could also be necessary for benign breast conditions, not just bc.
It maybe an idea to post in ‘ask our nurses’ as well or give the helpline a ring if you want to talk it through.
ann x




Yes Ann is right.  I have a benign breast condition and I am under the care of a Consultant.  Correct me if I’m wrong , but aren’t most lumps removed anyway ? 

All the best Sammi xxxx

I just had the ultrasound. Doctor refused to do the mammogram. I tried to figure out what I was seeing on the ultrasound . The tech had me sit up , pin the lump between two fingers and then put the wand directly on the lump while I held it in place . All I could make out was a cloudy oval shape .Still no answers .

I have another appointment Tuesday. This appointment was scheduled the same time that today’s appointment was scheduled. When I asked about why an appointment with a breast surgeon was scheduled before they ever saw me , two people didn’t know why and said to just come to it .

No biopsy and that was exactly what the lady who did the ultrasound said to do .


Just to tell you- -as soon as my GP referred me to the Breast Care Clinic, I was given an appointment for a mammogram , and after the mammogram, the radiographer told me that I would have to see the Consultant (Breast Surgeon) to get the results.  I think that is normal procedure, whether it’s benign or not., as far as I know.  We do not have a one stop clinic in my local hospital .


All the best Sammi xx


I just downloaded my ultrasound report from my online patient account . This is what it said : 



  REPORT ADDITIONAL HISTORY: RT BREAST MASS, US Breast Right Limited 8/18/2017 10:10 AM COMPARISON: None. FINDINGS: Ultrasonographic evaluation of the right breast the area of palpable concern 4 o’clock position 9 cm from the nipple demonstrates no ultrasonographic abnormality. No masses are identified. No evidence of architectural distortion. IMPRESSION: Right breast: ACR BIRADS Category 1, normal. Decision to biopsy should be based on clinical grounds as ultrasonographic evaluation is normal. 



How can I feel a lump, even hold it in place for the ultrasound , and it not be seen ? 

My insurance won’t cover a mammogram or mri . How can they biopsy something the say they can’t see?

I wish I could see another doctor , but this is only place to go in my entire state.

Hi Sammi,
I take it you’re in the US, our arrangements in the UK are a bit different in that we’re referred to specialist breast clinics where any necessary investigations are all done in one go.
Obviously, it’s good that the ultrasound is reporting as ‘normal.’
Perhaps just see what the surgeon says about it all.
ann x