Please help me

I have been recently diagnosed with DCIBC, grade 2 ER+, HRE2 negative, tumor 1.2 cm and 5 out of 18 lymph nodes affected. I had my surgery on 01/10 and today I got the letter from

the doctor about next steps: another surgery to get out more 3mm for clear margin, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, IV ZOMETA and Hormone Therapy. 
The doctor last week haven’t mentioned about this IV ZOMETA and I google and says they use to treat bones mets, however I do not have

any mets. I tried to call my doctor the clínica was closed. Anyone knows who they are prescribing me


please I am

deseperate. Thank you for your time

Bless you, please don’t panic! In all

likelihood the Zometa is not for bone mets at all. It’s given for a couple of reasons- 

alongside hormone therapy to stop the bones thinning and it also has a brilliant side effect in that it reduces the chances of the cancer reoccurring in the bones. 
ive just finished chemo and about to start rads with extra to armpit (instead of node clearance surgery as I had cancer in the nodes) I have the iv bone stuff (zometa ) next week and the hormone therapy ASAP.

if I can do this, anyone can.  honest!

Hi - don’t panic ,these bone strengthening drugs are used as a precaution to help prevent bone mets not to treat them .Jill x

Hi Drida - I don’t think there is anything I can add to the replies from Ruthie and Annie, but I didn’t want to read and run without sending you a big hug and wishing you all the best as you go through the next stages of treatment.

This place is so good for finding support and answers to queries and worries. You may already know this, but if not I would check out the monthly chemo groups so that you can share with those at the same stage as you.

Evie xx

Hi Drida

As the others have said don’t worry, I had x2 surgeries to get clear margins for IDC, mine was grade 3, no lymph node and ER+, HER2-. I Had the Zometa iv with every other sessions of my chemo (6 chemo and 3 Zometa in total). 

Like the others have said it is to reduce the risk of it from recurring in the bones and does not mean that you have bone mets.

It takes about 15 minutes to have that (on top of the time it takes to have chemo), I just felt a little tireder when I had the Zometa but nothing else, some people do feel a little joint pain or flu symptoms but this usually clears up after your first IV.

Some people stay on the Zometa IV after chemo but I was switched onto tablets. I also take hormone therapy. It does seem to be a standard treatment now so please don’t worry.


Joemic x