please help, so so worried. Swollen arm and breast lump

Hi everyone,


I’m a little anxious as I have a breast screening appointment in less than 2 weeks time. It all started a while back when I developed a swollen right hand and forearm. I went to the GP where she had a feel of my armpit to check for swelling (I’m assuming) and had a quick feel of my breasts. She didn’t find anything and this was 7 months ago! She told me to try rest the arm etc.


Again, I went back the end of last month about the arm. She asked whether I check my breasts regularly and I said no (awful, I know). She then booked me in to go back to her a few weeks later for a breast examination as she had no time then! 


So I attended the GP appointment on the 11th of this month, and she did the exam. She kept comparing my right and left and I just had to ask, that’s when she told me she found a lump in my right breast (on the side of my swollen arm). But told me not to worry. AHHHH. There was definitely painful as she was touching it but I had to let her carry on examining me, as uncomfortable as it was. She’s now referred me to the breast clinic!


I’ve had a feel of the lump and it’s almost kidney bean-like! And I think it’s moveable. The area of the lump is painful when pressed down.


I’m just needing some help to calm me down! Has anyone ever had a swollen arm with a breast lump and for it to be ok?


Also I get these nasty shooting pains in that breast and have slight pain toward that armpit put no lump(s) there!


I would really appreciate some advice.


thank you all in advance


Hi Worried

TBH, any symptom may or may not be bc, it usually isn’t, whatever the symptoms are, but only the breast clinic can sort it out. 

Although it doesn’t feel like it, you have been referred to get it properly checked out. 

Chances are all’s well & there’s a far more common reason for your symptoms. 

ann x