please help

hi im new to this forum and was really looking for sum advice… i found a lump in my breast a week ago and my doctor has reffered me to the the hospital but my appointment came through for next month… he also put me on antibiotics as he seems to think its a infection… he was very vague and left me very worried and scared… i have breast pain with this lump and also i am experincing that my nipple is permantly erect but only in the breast with the pain and lump… has anyone experienced this before?and how can i get my appointment moved forward as i am petrified


Hi lolly - sorry you are having such a worry - it is a very anxious time. Why not give the hospital a ring, ask to speak to a breast care nurse and tell her her what you have said here. Then she can decide if you should be seen earlier. Good luck


hi dawn ty for your comments…ive tried many times 2 get through 2 the breast clinic at the hospital but its permantly on an answer machine…its just so frustrating

How maddening! Is it a direct number? Try phoning the main hospital switchboard and asking to be put through? Say you have maybe got the wrong no. :slight_smile:


yes im afraid it is a direct number to the breast clinic ive also been put through by the main switchboard…im on the fone as i type this and its now permantly engaged… im so worried , havent slept for days and cant possibly wait a whole 4 weeks to b seen…its driving me crazy

Hi Lolly
If your hospital isn’t too far away why not try and pop in and see someone. It may be quicker or try going back to your doctor to see if he can chase it up as you are sore and getting very stressed and worried.
Goo d luck


Hi Lolly

This must be a very worrying time for you, as well as receiving support here from people who know exactly what you are going through you might also find it helpful to read, which explains about changes in the breast and breast awareness.
If you are feeling upset or panicky and want to talk to someone who understands what you are going through then do give our helpline a call. Everyone working on our helpline either has experience of breast cancer, or is a breast care nurse, and has an excellent knowledge of breast cancer issues. They are on 0808 800 6000 and are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm and Saturday, 9am - 2pm.

I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

Hi lolly,

Really sorry that you are going through this but keep trying to call or as others have said go down there if it isn`t to far away. wishing you the best of luck and hope it gets better really soon. take care.

Tracy x x

Hi Lolly I’m new here too got an appointment on Monday and am really scared but finding this site has really helped me
they all so caring and genuine

love welshlass

hi guys thanx for all ur support just tolet you know i finally got through to the hospital and explained how scared i was etc and the very lovely and kind lady on the phone has now made me an aapointment for tuesday …which is better than 4 weeks wait…my doctor had put me down as not a emrgency , even thouh it is 2 me as im sure u all understand…good luck to u all out there with your own personal health issues…many thanx again…lolly xx

So glad to hear that lolly :). Hope all goes well for Tuesday.


Hi Lolly and welshlass , i hope that all goes well for you both at your appointment, good luck

Mary xxxx

Good luck to you both and all the best for you outcomes :smiley:

Good luck for Tuesday and well done you for being persistent.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow