please name budget products that help with body and skin care.

I have read some fantastic input about what is helpful for going through treatment, unfortunately some of the products mentioned are out of my price range, can anyone name products that are easy to obtain and are inexpensive, especially the skin care and body wash items, is baby bathing products any use? Starting chemo soon and just getting prepared. X

Hi…I regularly visited a shop where everything costs the same amount of money :wink: and was able to buy a wide range of bath, shower and body products - reputable makes like ‘simple’ and ‘johnsons’ - also great for aqueous cream you will need if you have radiotherapy. I would also stock up when supermarkets had ‘deals’! I never bought anything expensive and my skin came through 6 FEC-T and 23 RT sessions pretty much unscathed! As products cost less, felt I could slather myself in them! Good tip is to buy a pair of inexpensive cotton ‘spa’ type gloves/socks and wear them overnight over lots of moisturiser. If you are having ‘T’ chemo, you don’t have to paint your nails, best to keep them well moisturised and leave them to make sure they’re not getting infected. If your skin gets really dry you can ask for a prescription for doublebase cream (or similar) and something like oilatum used for eczema…hope you have applied for your 5 year prescription exemption? And finally…if anyone asks if they can do anything for you, ask for a luxury bath/body product treat so you can mix and match! Good luck with your treatment…take care, M

To endorse what Maryland has said… I’m a big fan of aqueous cream (dirt cheap at Asda) which also got me through 6 x FEC-T and 15 x radiotherapy sessions.  I used it in the shower too.