Please please help!

Hi, I’m a 22 year old female, and m worried sick about having cancer, my nan recovered recently from cancer and my aunty died at 25 of breast cancer And My mum has the cancer gene.
a month ago I started getting pains in my lright breast, so I went to the doctors and she found a ‘lumpy mass’ she then said come back in 2 weeks time so I did, she then said the lumpy mass was more pronounced this time and nit to worry as it may just be a cyst,
she then referred me to a breast clinic which is in 11 days time, but I can’t stop thinking about it 24 hours a day, I’m even having might mares and cant sleep,
i can’t help but feel negative, I’ve been put on antibiotics to rule out infections, ibuprofen for inflammation, I just can’t help but worry.
what cn I do to get over this? I went to hospital today with servere breast pain and all they could do was wish my luck at my scan,
its upsetting and worrying, I feel stuck

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I’m sure other users will be along soon to offer support but please do also give the BCC Helpline a call if it would help to talk things through with someone in confidence. Lines reopen tomorrow morning at 9am tel. 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 10am-2pm).

Take care,

Anna, BCC Moderator

Hi Bubblesbe,
Sorry to hear you have this cloud over your head. Many of us feel the waiting is often the worst part, regardless of the results. It’s the not knowing and total lack of control that I think makes it so. But the good news is that you did the right thing with worrisome symptoms which was to see your GP. Plus, 11 days is short in the scheme of cancer, which I think is like running a marathon (i.e. chronic, slow moving) not a sprint (i.e. acute emergency). Pain is awful and so hard to deal with on top of anxiety, but doesnt always mean something sinister - I hope it is a good omen for you!
My breast surgeon told me, and I have told many others, “whatever it is, it is treatable”. I know it’s difficult but try to distract yourself from the worry and enjoy the not knowing as best you can. Worrying can’t change whatever is in your breast; whatever it is will either be better (hopefully if it is an infection for example), or still the same (benign hopefully, but if not I doubt it’ll have changed much if at all) in 11 days time.
Best of luck for your scan; let us know how you get on as you will always find support on the forums.
Lisa xx

Bubblesbe, I wish I had a magic wand to make the waiting go away. All I can do is to say talk, talk, talk to whoever you can while waiting. I hope you’ve got someone by your side, your mum or dad or a close friend who, although they may not understand will hold your hand.
You will get support from this site - there is a younger women’s section which you may find helpful but please try not to frighten yourself by ‘Googling’ before you have a diagnosis.
Whatever the outcome you have been very brave and sensible by getting checked out as soon as possible. The breast clinics are wonderful and you will cope. The waiting is hell, that can’t be denied but remember your age and your sense in getting treatment quickly makes all the difference.
Sending you big hugs,

Hi thanks, I called and managed to get a appointment early, I went and waited 2 and half hours after my appointment time to see someone, I went into a room where I put on a gown, then a nurse came in felt my breast and confirmed the lump and then sent me home, no tests or anything, I’m soo annoyed at the lack of care, really annoyedBi had to wait so long for someone to tell me what I already know, I was in tears as I’m still no closer to finding out, I thought that was gonna be the end of it all

Have they given you an appointment to be seen again soon? If not, see your GP again NOW The breast clinic should have let you know what’s happening. Take someone with you to GP and get someone to speak up on your behalf.

Hi bubblesbi. I’m just wondering how things have been since your appt? Hope everything is ok x

Hi, this sounds like the stages I went through. I went to doc who confirmed lump, then to clinic where consultant confirmed lump (I know there’s a lump!!) Then had to come back again to clinic for mammogram and ultrasound… I know it’s so hard to ‘wait’ when you are worried but try and conserve those worries by being positive - you found your lump early, you are getting it checked, you are young. If it IS bad news then you will get the right treatment to give you the best chance! Good luck and I hope you hear some news soon. Take care :slight_smile: xxx M xxx