Please Read. Really Worried!

Hi, First and foremost, i really admire you all on this page. People who have fought, or are still fighting, even people who haven’t been diagnosed, and are worried like me… You are all someone to look up too… and i take my hat off to you all!!!

So… My names is Kelly, and I need some help or advice or even just to rant… I’m 26 and a mother to my gorgeous little 5 year old boy. The thought of Cancer terrifies me and is one of my biggest fears, that and leaving my son with no mummy. I suffer from health anxiety, which only started about 2 months ago, it’s been quite bad, with numerous trips to doctors and hospitals convinced i have something wrong with me. Anyway, I’ve started medication for it about 4 weeks ago called Citalopram, and about 3 weeks ago the nipple on my left breast was very itchy. Nothing would ease it. There was no rash, no lumps etc… I’ve had 4 different doctors check my breasts and every one of them said they are fine. Anyway… going back to Tuesday this week and i’ve woken up with a small blemish near the nipple (on the right breast, not the one that was itchy) The itchyness on the left breast has gone now… so now i’m focussed on this red mark on my right breast (Sorry to confuse anyone) My mum is ast her wits end with me as i was focussed on the left one, convinved it was something sinister, and now ive moved onto the right one. My doctor again checked my breasts last Friday, and again said she is not concerned about anything in the slightest. I’ve had my bloods done 2 weeks ago that came back clear and as i say i’ve had a few different doctors have a feel and a look around, i’ve had all of my lymphnodes checked too. I’m just worried about this patch now. My doctor hasn’t seen it yet, i’m due to see her on Friday (The wait it really getting to my anxiety) i’m constantly checking them. I can’t see that there is anything else thats different, i’m more focussed on Inflammatoery BC as through googling my symptoms, thats what comes up :frowning: The breast isn’t warm, or hot, not not red and inflamed etc… it’s just this patch as far as i can see. It’s about the size of a 5 pence piece, if not a little bigger. I don’t know what i want with writing this down, i think i just wanted to rant. I’ve even phoned lots of different private clinics to see if i can go private for an ultrasound (Apparently thats best for someone of my age, i’m 26) but no one will take me on. Even with my paying and not going through the NHS. I’m either too young, or my symptoms don’t warrant the need for a scan. I’ve spoken to a lovely lady from Breast Cancer Care and she said the same thing. If you have got this far, then thank you for reading. I suppose i just needed to get things off my chest (literally!) xxxxx

Any thoughts or insights from anyone would be a great help, even anyone who has had IBC, this is my main concern. Well all cancers are, but with this red mark, thats what i’m thinking. Thanks again xxx

Hi , I do feel for you at such a worrying time - I had a scare and can honestly say the waiting is torture - unfortunately I didn’t have anything like you describe but just wanted to comment on sympathising with what a tough time it is - try to rest and I hope you get some answers soon x