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Please remember that the main focus of this board is for people with secondary breast cancer to share their experiences, concerns, and questions with other users.


If you do not have secondary breast cancer or are awaiting results, you can post your questions to alternative boards, such as the Ask Our Nurses board or Appointments and Waiting for Results.


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Hi I have stage 4 terminal breast cancer with a shadow on the lung currently on oral chemotherapy and hormone therapy and 10 months in,feeling very lonely after having to give up both of my jobs. Was hoping to find help to maybe talk to people etc.



I’m not sure where else to post this to get a message/request through to the powers that run this website. I have Triple negative secondaries and I find reading posts from non TNBC patients very dispiriting. I’m pleased for them that they have so many options and can be kept going for many months or even years on treatments that allow them to near normal lives. It isn’t like that for we TNBC patients, it’s a more aggressive cancer with many fewer options and only one currently, for this specific cancer. It’s great that Trodelvy is available but I can tell you from experience it’s no walk in the park. Normal life is totally suspended due to side effects. I would dearly love to see part of the secondaries site specifically for TNBC sufferers, a) to hear their experiences b) to connect with others “like me” c) not hear all the positivity from the non TNBC group of patients which will never apply to me and those like me.

Lancashire Lass