Please read!

I spent so much time looking on these forums searching for peoples symptoms and outcomes and found that not many gave feedback after results, unless it was bad.
I must stress that ANY changes should be checked out, listen to your body! That being said, I would like to offer some reassurance…
My symptoms included dimpling, nipple flattening/retraction, lump, change of appearance in general mostly on the nipple. I went to the clinic yesterday where I had an ultrasound, and I do not have cancer! I had convinced myself that I had, given the list of symptoms mentioned above along with tiredness and a few other things. Even a friend who works in the clinic and has cancer herself thought I was in line for bad news.
These forums are brilliant, but I have spent 2-3 weeks thinking the worst. I know it’s hard but the ONLY way you can know what is happening is by being referred, it is imposible to self-diagnose!
I wish all of you the best and hope you get positive results, for those who do get diagnosed , there are so many treatments available! Much love people xx

What a relief! I am happy for you. You are totally right about the need to get seen and checked out. Good luck for the future x