Pleural effusions with PleurX catheters

I had bilateral PleurX catheters inserted in March for recurring pleural effusions, unfortunately they are still draining a significant amount so unable to be removed at the moment.  Recent CT scan has revealed no disease progression which is good. My oncologist has suggested that oral chemo Cape may help to dry up the effusions but obviously this will come with the price of se. My husband and I have been managing the catheters quite well but I did have a bit of a blip recently when one of them blocked temporarily. This has made me feel more vulnerable and it would be good to get them out. I have a few weeks before I see my oncologist to let her know how I want to proceed and I have got info. on Cape to read but wondered if anyone else has been in a similar situation. Ann 

I had one of those catheters in last year but got an infection in it and it had to be removed. Was draining quite a lot regularly. Had GemCarbo chemo but now just about to go on capecitabine for lung and pleura mets. Hope you do well whichever you decide x

Hi Ann

have not had pleural effusions. Sounds as if you and hubby managed really well…much better than I would havexx


you mentioned Capecitabine…good luck with that… i was on it for almost two years and after the first two

months, whilst i sorted the doses a bit, I found it a really nice chemo to be on. My hands were a little red at the fingertips and I needed to be careful as I have lymphoedema, but otherwise,i lookback on that period with gratitude…now im on i/v chemo and tied to a drip 2weeks out of three.


Best wishes, Moijanxx

Anneemay, i had pleural effusions earlier in the year which came on whilst i was on capecitibine…it was my second time which probably explains why it didnt work for me but i’m sure it will do you good. They were eager to get me on carboplatin and this, along with pleurodesis, seems to have stabilised me. I have had 6 cycles of carbo now so my onc has taken me off all chemo’s which is scary. I am just having 6 weekly denosumab and being monitored. Good luck with the cape. x

Annemay, I had an operation to remove the infection and to drain the fluid, then had a pleurodesis to stick the pleura together, so the fluid did not collect again. I think there may be a small amount of fluid in pleura but does not affect me. I collect my capecitabine this afternoon . Good luck x

Anniemay once you get used to the cape its good.i felt great after two months.i looked and felt really well…ii also went abroad on my time off and the let me have extra
My tumour markers went right down…then after a year started to go up.and had bit progression.I wish I was on them still…just tablets.xxsharonx