PleurX catheters +/- a talc pleurodesis for bilateral pleural effusions.

Hi, hopefully within the next 2- 3 weeks I will have some relief from the increased breathlessness that the my lungs and pleura are causing. Providing there is a bed for me I will be admitted to Guy’s next Sunday 21st for VATS and pleural biopsies with also PleurX drain insertions. They may also carry out pleurodesis on my right side as this seems to be the side with the most fluid in my pleural cavity. Has anyone else has these procedures carried out? I am a little bit anxious about these procedures but at the same time just want to get back some quality of life. I am also seeing my oncologist on Thursday with the results of the CT scan I had last week a base line prior to commencing further chemo, more anxiety but trying to remain positive. Xx Ann Xx

All the very best for next Sunday. I dont know much about it but I sat with my Mum in 1975 when she had a similar procedure and she was made very comfortable and got a lot of relief from the treatment. 


Carolyn xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I had a pleurodesis in Nov 2015. I had two build ups of fluid on the left side, the first time it was drained (May '15) but it built up again. The initial suggestion was an in dwelling catheter you drain at home. I also wanted a biopsy taken of the pleural to test for HER2 status. The consultant said he would do the biopsy and if the lung looked likely to re-inflate he would do the pleurodesis.
He did the pleurodesis, I was in hospital for 6 days whilst the fluid drained fully, they checked it with several x-rays and it did re-inflated and I have had no problems since! No breathlessness, no return of fluid!
Good luck, just ask if you want any more info!
Glo xx

If the pleurodesis doesn’t work (I believe it has a success rate of about 85%) they can still put in an in dwelling catheter which you can drain yourself at home. Whichever way you will get relief! I asked for HER2 testing (it was done at my original diagnosis in Sept '10 but I wanted it re-done as status can change and my cancer seemed to have become more active than initially (I got 4 years out of just letrozole with lung mets!)
Good luck
Glo xx

Hi Ann, glad you’ve had your surgery and it seems to have been a success! I seem to remember after mine last Nov my breathing returned to normal straight away. They did check the re-inflation of the lung with several X-Ray’s before discharge. I was tired as a result of 6 days in hospital but no after effects.
Hopefully your breathing will improve soon.
Glo xx

I had stopped taking painkillers by the time I left hospital. Hopefully things will improve and your consultant will have the answers for you! It’s good you’ve been able to have biopsies done at the same time, I too had this which confirmed I was still ER+ but HER2 neg.
Im pretty sure I’m having profession ATM as tumour markers are up and I’m exhausted, just waiting for a scan appt and then prob more chemo! Yuk!
Glo xx

Thanks! I’m preparing myself for chemo, only had 1 lot (taxol for 12 weeks) since diagnosis 5.5 years ago.
In the words of Roy Cropper on Corrie " being negative doesn’t change the outcome but makes you feel worse along the way!"
Glo xx

Hi glo.just to say thanks for the quote from corrie…felt bit low today wil take that message on board.sharon.? x

Hiya anneemay.
Sorry you are having a bit of a hiccup with everything.
Just thought I would send u a hug and thinking of you.

Just thought I would give an update of how and where I am with my treatment in case anyone else is going through similar situation. I’m now just over 2 weeks post insertions of bilateral PleurX catheters and hubby and I are now managing these ourselves at home twice a week at the moment. I’m virtually asymptotic with regards to the breathlessness and although I have a little discomfort with the catheters this is manageable with analgesia. I am seeing both my oncologist and thoracic surgeon next week and providing all is okay we are hoping to book a few days away in Devon the beginning of May. A couple of months ago I would not even have considered this possible as I was struggling to climb the stairs at home but now I can breathe and trying to get back to some form of normality. Bring it on …Yes Thanks for the support everyone. Ann xx