Pls hrlp

Hi I’ve terrible thrush had it 5 days now can’t eat have tried mouthwash gelclear nothing working run unit sd pineapple any other tips got to eat only on fruit pls help second chemo wasn’t this bad last month Laura

hi Laura, sorry to hear you have thrush, I did too whilst on TAX, I phoned and spke to my GP surgery, saw the nurse the same day and got some Nystatin which cleared it up. i would give them a ring. good luck. Ness xxxx

Hi Laura
Sorry to hear you are suffering - I had awful Thrush too with Tax in mouth and around anus (very painful) and when I went to GP was given tablets that sorted it out very quickly - when I phoned I said I need appt about chemo side effects and they fitted me in that day so hope you don’t need to suffer for too much longer

Nystatin for me too, along with Difflam.
What is it with this Tax and thrush?

not startd tax yet but have the thrush!..lasted little bit longer with each fec… roll on tax!

I used Fluconazole 150mg one dose tablet (available over the counter) for thrush in mouth on Tax.
It cleared up in about 24 hours.

Good luck!

K x

ps Yogurt is supposed to be good too but I’m avoiding dairy so no good for me…

Thanks all gp doing scrip I’m on taxol / carboplatin so unsure I had fec / tax before had same probs then such a pain make u feel so yuk laura