Plueral mets. Can someone help me?

I just wondered if any of you lovely ladies could give me some help? Last Thursday, after 3 months of being pushed between departments at my local hospital, i was diagnosed with a recurrence of er+ breast cancer and cancer cells in plueral fluid that had built up around my lung. I am absolutely terrifed and have no trust in the local breast care team. The surgeon last Thursday literally washed his hands of me. They have referred me to oncology but i don’t know when my appointment will be. I was given no support or advice and i had to ask the breast cancer nurse how big the tumour was and what type of cancer it was. I am trying really hard to be positive but i just feel like I’ve been handed a death sentence. I’m only 41 and my wonderful boyfriend nursed me through it all before and i don’t know if I can put him through it again. I just feel so hopeless. Xxx

Dear Littlelizzie

Sorry i have no experience of pleural or lung mets, mine are in my bones so far but I do know a secondary diagnosis is not a death sentence. There are many treatments out there and women who have been living with lung mets for years…I’m sure someone with experience of lung problems will shortly respond to your post . You’ve obviously been badly served by your breast care team let’s hope you get better from oncology and you get an appointment soon. Meanwhile, a big warm hug. B xx

Dear bonariensis,
Thank you for your kind words. Even though my partner, family and friends are wonderful, it’s nice to speak to people who understand. This forum has kept me going the last few days. Hopefully my onc will be more positive than my surgeon. Big hugs to you too.
Littlelizzie x

LittleLizzy, Welcome. I do have lung mets, but I don’t have any personal  experience with mets in the plueral fluid. I do suggest you push for that oncologist appointment. You will feel  better when you know you have a plan and are trying to fight! Best of luck. FF

Thank you funnyface. I have read your posts and you are an inspiration! I will phone the hospital today and bug them x

Hi Lttlelizzie,
Sorry to hear about your news. And sorry your surgeon was unhelpful… I think they specialise so breasts are probably his remit.

Actually I think you are better off with the oncologists as they will have seen many others like you before … am certain it is not unusual xxx by now hopefully you will have been given an appointment or even have been seen ? Travel hopefully… they will tackle it for you and then you will be able to adjust to the news. My nets are liver and bones but actually we are all in this together and are here for you.
Hugs, Moojan???

Thank you Moijan. I have an appointment with my oncologist on Monday so hopefully will be feeling a little better emotionally this time next week ?. My partner and I have a barrage of questions so i hope the onc is prepared! Sending hugs and positive thoughts to everyone having to live with this.

Littlelizzie x

Well done. Good to get someone to make a note of what the onc says…he will expect this, a lot of us either take notes or get a friend to…also I go in each time now with any questions on my iPad and just give it to him. To be honest I can remember what he says, but you might not as you both are possibly still in shock.
Best wishes for Monday,


Hi Littlelizzie, you are not alone, i too have pleural mets. I started with really severe breathlesness to which i had to submit and go to A&E. I had pleural effusions and had to have a chest drain. I dont want to frighten you or anything … it wasnt pleasant but it did help. I also had pleurodesis which is like a glue which seals the lung and the pleura so the fluid cant build up again.   The first one didnt work so i had to go through it all again but that did seem to do the trick.  I had oxygen and oramorph and am reviewed regularly . I do need oxygen still on exertion (but that rarely happens!!). I am now almost a year on and amy scans since have shown no progression there (i also have bone and skin mets).

I’m sure once you see your oncologist you will feel better…lets hope its not too long. Your partner will see you trough this just as he stood by you before but remember we are all here to lend support. If theres anything i can help with please either post or PM me. xx

Hi Moijan. My partner is coming with me and has told me he will record the meeting. We have a long list of questions and want to be as prepared possible. Hopefully things will be more positive this time.
Hi Stresshead. It’s nice to hear from you ?. I have had one plueral effusion drained already and the chest guy did mention a pleurodesis? Still feeling breathless but much improved compared to two weeks ago. Luckily i have had very little pain with the effusion. Thankfully i have my onc appointment on monday. My partner will be with me and i will have all your positive thoughts in mind. Xxx

Hi all.

Saw the oncologist on monday and starting gemtaxol chemo on tuesday. If all goes ok, can have my ovaries removed after and will then be on AI for as long as it works. Still having some problems with my breathing but onc reckons that will resolve as the chemo goes on. CT scan tomorrow but won’t get the results until 20th April. At least something is happening now. Just wanted to thank you all for the support.

Sending positive thoughts to all

Littlelizzie xxx

Thank you Funnyface. Just want to get on with it now! My onc said this chemo is not as bad as FEC which was awful for me so hoping for an easier time. However, if it works i don’t mind feeling iffy for a couple of months! Xxx

Lizzie, so glad to hear you have a treatment plan in place. I’m sure you start to feel better in no time. Fingers crossed for your scan results. xx

Thank you stresshead. The chemo wasn’t too bad Unfortunately i have ended up in hospital with an infection ?. Not the best of starts! Xxx

Thank you funny face. I have lymphedema and have now developed cellulitis. On IV antibiotics until Friday and then hopefully home on oral antibiotics before next chemo on 18th April. At least I got one in! Xxx

Hi funnyface. Yep, ready to get on with things and show this little bugger what I’m capable of!

Hope things are good with you and sending lots if positive thoughts.

Littlelizzie xxx

Hi Funnyface. I’m home! Chemo went well so just hoping the cellulitis doesn’t raise it’s ugly head again. Sorry to hear that your last treatment failed but a few days away sounds wonderful and I hope you have a lovely time. You deserve it!

Nicky08, thank you for the good wishes. Really feeling the positivity coming through from this forum and it’s really uplifting.

Moijan, I will definitely bear the antibiotics in mind. I’m hoping there isn’t a recurrence but if there is, I can go armed with the info you have give. Thank you ?

To everyone who is part of this forum and all of you who have supported me, I just want to say that I think you are wonderful, inspirational and caring. We all have our own crosses to bear bit it makes things that little bit easier knowing you are all there.

Sending lots of love and hugs to you all

Littlelizzie xxx

Hi krasy. I started gemtaxol chemotherapy in April. Have had 2 admissions to hospital with cellulitis but otherwise doing OK. After chemo, i wI’ll have my ovaries removed and then will be on letrozole. Hoping I can soon be NED too.

Littlelizzie x

Thank you Funnyface. I have had a little happy dance myself! Hopefully with a slight reduction in the dose I will still have the same results without the dreaded cellulitus. Have you started your new treatment yet? If so, how’s it going? Hope everyone else is well ?

Much love