plural effusion

Hello again. Just to say if anyone remembers I posted a while ago about plural effusion that I have.Just to say although everything pointed to it being a secondary of my breast cancer (original dx 5yrs ago) have just finally had result back and it was normal.No indication yet why it there, but no c cells in it. I would like to thank those ladies who kindly replied to my worries and gave support.thankyou so much for your kindness.And a special note to London09 if you read this- I truly hope your mum gets the same report back and in her case too it is not what we all dread.

Hi Wizardpoo,

Thanks for your kind words. I am so pleased to hear your results were normal. My Mum had a CT scan last Thursday of her chest, abdomen and pelvis. She has been told today that she has to go back to the Breast clinic this Wednesday. I think it is bad news. Very worried.

hi wizardpoo, thats great news i have been told i have PE too and as i am triple neg i assume mine will be bc related but am so pleased for you love rachel xxx