PM Muddle Up?

Dear Moderators, 

Someone called Jenny60 has said I’ve PMd her and wonders why? At first, I thought I’d sent a message to her by accident but can’t see it in my ‘Sent’ box?

I apologised anyway and explained that I PM someone on the Paxlitaxel Buddies thread and still follow the public forum even though my Paxlitaxel has finished.

I only have three people I PM on this site  and Jenny60’s not one of them. I did send a short public reply a few days ago congratulating her on her new grandchild (Paxlitaxel Buddies thread) but not asking her ‘how she was?’

Is it possible that someone I sent a PM to has not received it but the message has gone to Jenny60 instead?

Grateful if you could look into. Don’t want to be disturbing people incorrectly and have them wonder if I’ve lost it!

Thank you, 

Angel Eyes

Hi @Anonymous  Thank you for getting in touch. We have replied to you via email regarding your post below. 

Best wishes,
Social Media Officer