Hi I am sure that I am not the only one but just wanted to check. After 2 years of Novaldex and Zoladex I stopped treatment in August 07( I had a lumpectomy in July 05 and rads, nodes all clear and no chemo). It took 3 months for my periods to return and every month since for the first few days of each period I am in absolute agony, they are extremely heavy and the pain is almost unbearable, I have talked to the GP and there seems to be little they can do as I cant go on the pill due to being Hormone receptive. All they can really suggest is painkillers. I usually end up taking at least one day off of work each month and it really is not convenient. I never used to have problems before and on one hand I assume that this is not unusual, after all my body is getting back to normal but on the other am worried that it may be something to be concerened about.

My other issue is that my unaffected boob will not stop growing it is now getting ridiculous and I feel completely un balanced. I am generally happy and healthy and getting on with my life but these two issues are starting to get me down and keep Bc in my mind when I really dont want it there any more.

Any suggestions?