I recieved this lovely poem from a 8 year old girl who lives next to me I want to share it with you all. as it will mean as much to you as it does to me from the heart.

There are people everywhere who,exactly just like you
Who, understand the trials and the pain your going through
For sometimes in their lives, dark shadows fall
And felt that there no one who could answer their call
And yet they made it through and found the strength within
To find acceptance of how thing were and too once again begin
They are living proof that every cloud
Even those of darkess grey
All everntually pass by To bring along a brand new day
So please just hang on in there
And keep tight hold of belief
That there are rainbows at the end
And very soon you will find relief

I hope this helps you


This is lovely Joanne, what a fab little girl I bet you were really touched that she wrote so deeply from the heart, and it is so true what she says. I have just finished my chemo.

Thanks for sharing this with us and thank her for writing it.


Hi Joanne

First of all I think it’s really lovely and incredible for an 8 year old!

but … and I don’t want to offend you …but I realise it could have 2 uses …

helping us not only get through bc but also … the constipation that comes with it!

very good poem - you should thank her from all of us!

love FB xxx

i know the FB been on the loo since 4 this morning, Why is it these things say 8 hours to work and no matter how early you take them they always work in the early hours the following morning lol


My heart was touched by this peom, Thank you for sharing it with us and tell her what a special girl she is. I hope you don’t mind I have printed it off and pinned it on my kitchen board. Give her a big hug.