Pollen extract tablet against menopausal symptoms

Hi ladies,
I was wondering if anyone has tried or heard about this health supplement tablet called Femal (it is called Sérélys in France and Luxembourg). I was looking on the Web in discussion forums and it looks like a lot of French women on Zoladex and Tamoxifen after breast cancer have seen a big improvement in menopausal symptoms, It is 100% non hormonal and apparently has been recommended by gynecologists. Its main ingredient is pollen and it looks like it may be very efficient against hot flushes, night sweats etc…which really appeals to me!

Hi Corinne
I haven’t heard of this - but it sounds promising. I’ll be interested if anyone knows any more


I think I was told about this a while back and mentioned it to my BCN who said to give her details of it before taking it as I am ER+…Sorry I can’t help you as I didn’t take it any further…but would be interested to hear any information.

karen x