Very sad that Polystyrene died of breast cancer recently and her contribution to Punk doesn’t appear to have been given the recognition it deserves.


I didn’ t know she’d died of BC but I heard tributes on a couple of programmes on Radio 4.

Thank you for this Mole.
Polly was a real heroine of mine. Her new album Generation Indigo is terrific and she was publicising it right up till the end.
The story of her misdiagnosis is very upsetting. She was fobbed off with painkillers for a very long time.
Ari Up of the Slits died just before Xmas of cancer too - only 48.

Really sad news, I hadn’t realised it was bc, just heard a short obit on radio 2. I remember buying ‘Germ Free Adolescent’ and playing it over and over till it snapped in half! Haven’t heard her new stuff, will def have a listen. Bless you Polly xx

One of my female idols back in the day - along with Ari Up. I read this interview with her back in March and so was really shocked when she died so soon afterwards:



Have been revisiting her music (and the era!) recently.

Thanks for posting these articles - I saw her perform with x ray spex many moons ago in Victoria Park, Hackney following a march with the anti nazi league. I too was shocked at how quickly she passed. I am in a similar situation with secondaries to my bones and lymphatic system but am 2 years down the line and responding well on arimidex - its so sad that so many don’t make it. RIP Poly, keep kicking ass wherever you may be xx

I remember buying Germ-Free Adolescents". Such sad news.

I think maybe Polly would be chuffed that in death she had managed to bring a gaggle of old punks together. Those were the days eh?!
Good luck everyone!

never new her i was a hippy but anyone it brings sadness at there parting.

Surprised at the relative lack of attention her death has had considering how influential and original she was. Also had no idea until reading this thread that she had BC, so thanks for posting, how sad she wasn’t diagnosed sooner…