Port a cath

I think I am a Pumpkin - started chemo in October. Quite like that idea.
My new port was used today (had it fitted on Friday) the area is quite bruised and it hurt lalot when they were finding the middle to insert the needle.
Does this discomfort wear off? I did not realise it would be like this.
Advice and experience greatly recieved
Thank you

Hi Susanmary. I am a Pumpkin too (as you can see in my profile picture)! I have a portacath and it can be a bit sore. I was given some cream to put on it with a dressing to keep the cream in place an hour before going to the hospital which numbs the area so it doesn’t hurt when they put the needle in. I do find mine is a bit bruised after chemo, I have had it for the last 3 sessions and it has been the same each time but it settles down and I forget about it most of the time unless I knock it on something - mine is in my arm. It is so much better tha the canula I had for the first chemo, my hand is still very sore from that 11 weeks later!!

Hope it all settles down soon for you.

Jayne x

Thanks Jayne, they used my portacath yesterday and it was sore when they had to feel around for the middle, but once in it was fine. My nurse forgot to flush it before taking it out so had to re insert needle, not sure who was more upset me or her!
Still thats my 3rd one over so one more FEC to go and I also have a box of the Emla cream with dressings for then.
Thanks for sharing your experience

Susanmary x

I had my ports a cath in for all 18 of my Herceptins and my 3 Taxoteres, after horrendous experiences with cannulas for the 3 FECs.
Yes it’s a bit sharp when accessing the port with the needle, but compared to missing veins with cannulas it was nothing. It was a godsend to me as my veins are rubbish. It took some of the fear out of each treatment. Horrendous enough having the chemo etc, but the anxiety of them hunting for veins and then missing them just multiplied my anxiety 10 fold.
Yes, it felt a little tender for a couple of hours after use, and sometimes looked a little bruised, but it soon settled. I think your problems are because your port is still very new and the whole area is still very tender from the insertion.
As time goes on I think you’ll come to love it! I reluctantly had mine removed in September, as I finished all my IV treatment in June.
Good luck with the rest of your ttreatment
Mandy xx

Hi Susanmary, or should I call you pumpkin (you should change your user name LOL). Like Mandy says your port is still very new. I think peoples’ experience varies depending on exactly where their port is sited. Mine is about an inch below my collarbone on my left side and about middle between neck and shoulder. It was sore when they first accessed it, but now I don’t even know when they are inserting or removing the needle if I shut my eyes - it doesn’t hurt at all and I don’t need numbing cream. I have had mine now for 6 years and it is well used every 3 weeks. I think they are a fantastic invention.


Thank you Dawn and Mandy,
Glad to hear of your positive experiences. Mine is below my left collar bone (I can’t see it there!).

Yes it is new, so hopefully next time it will be easier. Not sure I will ever love it :slight_smile: but if it protects my veins then its worth it.
Thanks again

HI Ladies, I had a port a cath fitted 2 weeks ago after having lots of trouble with my PICC line. I had my first chemo through it last week and it was a bit sore while they moved it around to find the access point. They put the cream on beforehand to numb the area so I did not feel the needle go in and Iwas given some cream to take home and apply before next chemo ( it will be my 8th and final FEC-T, woohoo) Even though the area is still a bit sore if I move suddenly I am finding it much better than having the PICC, and I am sure it will get better over time when I go on to have the Herceptin