Port fitting surgery

Getting really frustrated by the total lack of information my hospital is providing. I’m booked in for port fitting surgery on Friday, and so far have been told almost nothing. Can glean some info online, but I’m after any actual stories and advice from those here, particularly in the UK, please.

So far I know: it’s probably collarbone/neck (almost always right side?), I’m supposed to fast beforehand, and am expecting local anaesthetic and probably a sedative. Asked how long it would take and they said 30-40 minutes, but then there will “be a bed waiting for me” - assuming that’s for some monitoring and recovering from the sedative, maybe a couple of hours?

Anecdotally, it looks like it can be quite sore for a few days afterwards. Hoping that calms down quickly.

Hey, you getting port fitting today?

Mine is next Monday and then Chemo Tues…no rest for the faint hearted lol

Came away from preassessment meeting slightly assured but more I read the more frightened I am. Felt lump also getting bigger. And paranoia sets in with every ache or pain!

Re Port …I think they sedate you slightly and make cuts to insert the line and port. Port sits under your collarbone. Its a day case and was told I need to not eat 6hours before and not drink up to 2 hours before. So while u cannot eat you can still take clear fluids.

Wishing you all the luck today. Hopefully you will bounce back pretty quickly and get a chemo date soon…Will be thinking of you.

Ps know what it feels like being shoved from appointment to appointment and no one really tells you anything…grrrr 

C x

Nice to hear you are holding up good. Thank you for sharing your experience. For me, I feel they don’t do enough to explain till last minute, probably for reasons of not causing anxiety. However may be I am weird but once I know and have processed the procedure I much better to relax myself! It’s the not knowing really makes me tense up. I did ring and have a consult with Dr to ask for walk through what the procedure is like. Thank god for that! We seem to opt for things without knowing the full picture and I guess the Dr expects you to self educate!

This is why forums like here is so important. You don’t know how much comfort you have given to others just by writing all you feel and experience. So pleased you’re doing so well. 

Good luck for the next chapter.

For me, I did a u turn and decide to go surgery first now. I wanted to have a quicker heal and god knows what shape I will be post chemo, and I just want critter to be out. So far the nodes are clear so they say. Thank god! My mind has been playing tricks again and woke myself up thinking I was drowning! I put it down to that TV show I watched before bedtime lol…silly me. My fear of metastasise is overwhelming right now 

Good luck with your treatment next…I am so here for you, keep talking ok?

Sending you healing and positive vibes

Claud x