port for chemo

Hi… any body used port for chemotherapy…is that painful . Can anybody tell me that it will pain after and before chemotherapy when given in port.

I didn’t have a port but a Hickman line, similar, will have a little pain/ bruising after its put in, with a port you can use anaesthetic cream before its accessed, you shouldn’t feel the chemo shouldn’t be sore after chemo

Sorry if this reply is too late to help you - but maybe someone else.


I have one and have had no problems.  Minor day case op under general (insertion under local was offered but general easier for surgeon and less stressful for me!).  I have two scars (small one about 1.5 cm near collar bone to help place ‘tubing’, larger for port being inserted about 2cm, at top of breast, just where it starts ie where there is space to hide it in!). Due to get it removed as part of mastectomy op in a few weeks.


Mine was put in on a Monday and first used on the Wednesday. It was uncomfortable to access that day (as expected) but not painful. You should get numbing cream to assist in access but had it done without a week or so ago and it was barely noticeable. Been used for 6 rounds of chemo and various bloods in between (including some extras due to infections) and had no problems. Had I think 2 occasions where someone other than my normal nurse couldn’t ‘visualise’ it properly to access but they had one go, knew when to stop and the next person managed fine. That can happen as easily with access to veins so don’t view as a negative - just be aware. 


Major plus is it’s hidden away so you can’t accidentally pull it out! Medically this also means reduced infection risk which is of course the main point.  I am aware when sleeping/ lying down that it gets in the way a bit but I am a restless front/side sleeper and you adjust. And can’t imagine how I would have got on with a Hickman/PICC line on this front.


You may well find little experience in the NHS of access (my chemo has been done privately) - 4 day trips to local hospital and only once did they find someone who could access it. They simply rarely see it. Though I suspect my chemo unit were glad others weren’t accessing it and the local hospital just did bloods the old school way which is of course no problem.


Overall, glad I had a port rather than the other options and would definitely ask for again if I was in the position of having to consider the choice…