Port placement

So many decisions at this time, isn’t there? Port or picc or neither?!

I’m leaning towards a port, as I think it will offer some protection against vein damage, and it sounds harder to get but a bit easier to live with than the picc.

My question is, where did you all get your port placed? Are there even options? I’m really only finding pictures of collarbone area. I mean, if I have to, fine, but my brain does tend to go weird about scars. I have dozens and dozens, some are absolute doozies (I mean: 9-inch appendectomy scar, must be a record! ;)), but yeah I get all pouty about the idea of a smallish new one particularly somewhere so visible. 

Cheers xx

Hi bookish

so glad I got the port as my veins don’t give up blood easily and don’t know how I would have coped .It’s a bit uncomfortable for couple of weeks but hardly notice it’s there now it’s just under my collarbone and scar is about 3 cms . I have another scar from a cyst which was removed on opposite side just above the collarbone about 4 cms long from a few years ago and is hardly visible now.

Just so easy to use and don’t feel a thing with all that they do during chemo

when it’s all over eventually it will be removed and all back to normal again 

wishing you well through your journey

Hi Bookish,

I had mine put in on Monday.  There are two incisions, a small one less than 1cm up on the collar bone, and a larger one around 2cm or so where the actual port is lower down.  You do get some minor choice on where the port itself goes, but I think the small scar up on the collar bone by the neck is unavoidable as that is where they access the vein.  However, I’m told that for most people that one does fade to almost nothing as it’s tiny and really superficial. 

For the larger one where the actual port is located, I wore my running bra and told them I wanted to ensure the port was clear of that so it doesn’t rub.  They warned me that would make it more visible, I was ok with that.  So mine is more central than many, starting around 5 or 6cm in from my normal (non running) bra strap.  It’s not visible in a shirt or crew/v neck T-shirt, but is with a scoop neck.  You could choose to have it much closer over by the bra strap in which case it would rarely be visible I think.  In theory you can have it on the arm, but I wasn’t given that option and I don’t think many places do it. Definitely do talk to them about placement and your priorities, and mark up any areas you definitely want to keep clear.  

In terms of living with it I’m not regretting my choice so far.  It was very painful for 24 hours as I mentioned on the other thread, but today I can’t feel it at all (except if I poke at it in which case it unsurprisingly feels bruised, I should stop doing that ).  I also can’t see it at all other than the scars, it’s tucked away into the top swell of my remaining breast and doesn’t stick out. Four more days and I can go for a run, followed by a lovely hot soak.

Good luck with the choice,

Ash xx