porta -cath

Hi all,
Im having a porta cath fitted on thursday - had 2nd FEC two weeks ago and again they had trouble finding a decent vein - fed up of feeling like a pin cushion and it hurts - has anyone had a porta cath fitted and have you had any problems?

sarah x

Hi sarah,

I had a portacath fitted last November and have had no problems and it is brilliant. Not sure if you are asking for more info than that - but if so - ask away.


I have heard good things about portacths… I am not given the option… I have to get a picc line… I think I rather have a portacath

Thanks Dawn - thats good to know, did you have any discomfort after you had it fitted?

Hi Sarah,

because they have to make incisions to insert the portacath under the skin - and do a bit of ‘tunnelling’ you do have some bruising and it can be a bit sore for a couple of day but it soon passes. Just take a few paracetamol. On the other breast cancer forum - www.bcpals.org.uk I have posted a photograph of what it looked like a couple of days after the op. If you wanted to have a look you could join and I will point you to where it is posted.


Hi Sarah

Just to “second” what Dawnhc has said. I had a portacath fitted in July. Bit sore for a few days (particularly when I twisted or lifted anything) but it settled down very quickly. Absolutely brilliant in terms of having the chemo (and taking blood) and I’m really glad I had one fitted.

Good luck with it!


I’ve had my portacath for just over 3 years now and must admit that I’ve never ever had any problems with it. The one thing I’ve had to watch (on only a couple of occasions) is that I’m hep-salled with the correct amount. I also have my left in overnight when I have one of my treatments. They’re changing the ‘needles’ where I live to have the spring loaded type but they’re not that good to leave in overnight so the Matron of the cancer ward is going to get some of the old ones in for people like me!

The only thing you can’t use it with is the CT scan if you have to have the fluid injected as it has to go via a canula because it’s too high speed.

Also found out that when you go through the scanner things in airports it doesn’t go off!! I asked my surgeon about that and he said no one had asked him that before. It’s also safe when you have an MRI scan.

Hope this helps!