Portacath discomfort

i had my portacath insertion a week ago, last Tuesday, and still having some discomfort at the base of my neck, at the jugular vein incision site. I was wondering if any other people have had a similar experience?

Im due to start chemo this coming Friday, and starting to feel a bit anxious.

Hi @sharlea  - I had mine about 4 years ago, but I seem to remember feeling similar to you and having about the same time between port insertion and being used for chemo. I too was nervous but the chemo was fine. But I would always recommend giving your BC nurse a quick call for reassurance - they will be able to let you know if anything sounds out of place, or suggest whether to take any painkillers as I know they are very cautious about painkillers and chemo as they can mask a temperature.

When we chatted before did I mention Emla cream to numb the area before you have chemo - I mentioned it to someone recently?

I really wish you all the best for Friday, but do ask if I can help at all. Evie xx