portacath not available on nhs - postcode lottery??

Saw oncologist today start chemo on 19/06 havingFEC-T and herceptin. I have cording in my left arm following ANC 5 weeks ago and dont want to risk getting it in my “good” arm, I have a toddler to look after and need to be able to lift him etc. I was told the portacath is not available on the NHS but it is clear from reading posts on this forum many ladies have had them on the NHS. I am really upset about this and would appreciate any info I could use to argue my case I am being treated at Southport, Merseyside and it looks to me its a postcode lottery situation. 

Tulamo. Not sure what you mean by portocath but I have a PICC line (cannula inserted just above my elbow with a line which goes up a vein to near the heart. I have all my chemo through that and bloods taken through it. I have my treatment in Bristol. It’s not all straightforward, I developed a blood clot and then an infection, so the possible risks have to be taken into account but if it is purely a financial decision on the part of your hospital that seems very questionable.