positive and negative cancers

i presume im not unique in having had an ER positive (8/8) cancer (in april 2006 age 37) and a triple neg cancer in may 2009 age 40.

just wondered if anybody has both positive and negative cancer…

just feel like i have been super unlucky to have 2 very different cancers… and to have the second one so soon after the first.

Hi Lulu
I also have both types - diagnosed June 2007, aged 43 with hormone receptive, HER2-. I had lumpectomy, chemo and rads through to Jan 2008. I was then diagnosed for a 2nd time August 2008 with new primary triple neg in same breast. This time I have had a mastectomy with immed LD recon and no other treatment.

What treatment are you having/had at the moment?

Best wishes.


hi carol

i had lumpectomy, rads and tamoxifen for positive cancer and had lumpectomy and currently having chemo e-cmf had 2 epi so far followed by rads later on then have to go back on the tamoxifen for 2 years to finish the course for the first one.

but not sure if theres much point restarting the tamoxifen.

did they give you any ideas as to why you would have both types especially so soon? my surgeon and radiologist both think mine is a genetic mutation but oncologist doesnt think so but im getting referred to genetics after chemo.

Hi Lulu
They have no idea at all - just unlucky. Onc only said that this was rare and less than 1% chance of it occurring!
I’m also taking Tamoxifen for the first diagnosis (on it for past 18 months) and was told to continue to protect remaining breast.

I had been referred to genetics as there had been several different cancers in the family (lost Mum, Dad and a brother), but found no links.


i guess we must be pretty special then carol :o) or specially unlucky