Positive news

Had results of my pet scan today which was all clear. My family all over the moon but I still feel a bit numb. I still have 2nd op on lymph nodes next week and then meet oncologist to discuss chemo and radio therapy.  Should I feel happier or is this normal xxx

Quite normal, Avilajo

It’s like, well that one’s out if the way, now…next!

Even good news, can feel like a bit of an anti-climax at times. 

Anyway, thankfully, another appointment out of the way to get the treatment plan sorted

ann x

Seems to be completely normal. I’ve found I don’t react to anything how I had expected to. I found out my lymph nodes were clear and while my friends and family were really happy, it bearly registered with me. I think Ann is right, it’s cos there’s always something else to come. 

Im sure at some point you’ll look back and realise how good the news was xx