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I had mx and alnc on Thursday. I had been focussing on radiologist’s words that nodes looked ok on ultrasound - misshapen node came out negative on biopsy. I know they can’t be 100 per cent but everyone was being so positive and so was I. So I am having real difficulties coming to terms with the fact that one of the 3 sentinel nodes was positive. They did osna and now I have to wait 2 weeks to find out how many more might be involved. I’m really not dealing very well with this! Just wondered if anyone else has had similar experience.

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I am not sure if my post will be any good to you, but I hope it might help a bit. I was under my local hospital the PRU and they use the Osna and I was going to have this done when I had my mastectomy. I went to the Royal Marsden for a second opinion (still think I will need mastectomy) but waiting for the MRI results, anyway I mentioned to them that I wanted to have the Osna and did they do it there as I didnt want to hang around and was told I would get instant results. I was told they don’t use it and the reason for that is its far too sensitive, as in a microscopic cell will show a positive. And that they would much rather do it the other way of removing, biopsies etc. so they can see exactly how much cancer is found. What I am trying to say is there is a very very good chance what was found was a very very tiny cell and everything will be ok and clear.


My ultrasound last year, suggested no cancer in the nodes, but after snb one of the three nodes was positive. My team had prepared my for the possibility by telling me that ultrasound on the nodes was not that accurate. So although I was worried, I was not totally shocked. Waiting for the rest of the nodes to be taken and tested was hard. In my case, despite there being a reasonable amount of cancer in that one node there was no evidence of cancer in the other nodes. It told my team that the cancer was on the move, so they have treated it accordingly. It is scary, but you know they will throw everything at you.

Hope the time passes quickly for you.

Good luck.


dont know if this will give you any positive vibes but here goes. Im her 2 stage 2 grade 3 had several positive nodes and they have never been able to find my primary cancer. After neo juvant chemo and lymph removal i am clinically and pathologically clear of cancer not a trace to be found despite 100’s of test.offical im in remission. The chemo cleared the cancer. Wishing you all the luck in the world im sure you will be fine.