Positive steps for a DIEP

Hi there - just wanted to share some positive things that may be useful for anyone going through DIEP reconstuction.  Its a big op but there are lots of things that you can do to help make the process smoother.  I found that the 12 months wait for surgery a great time to try and get to grips with some core stability exercises.  These concentrate on making your back and abdomen strong and can really help with your post op recovery.  Pilates or yoga may be useful here too - but if you cant get to a formal class even just practising some simple activity such as a back bridge

(sportsmedicine.about.com/od/strengthtraining/qt/bridge-exercise.htm)) may help.  

Secondly I was asked to do deep breathing post surgery but didnt really know how to do these exercises and the nurse telling me to pretend I was trying to breathe out to steam up a mirror held in front of my mouth was a really good imagery to get me to use the right muscles to breathe deeply.  It is sore the first time you do deep breathing after your operation but everytime you practice it gets easier and easier (and less sore!).

Finally I was a bit wobbly the first time I got out of bed after my surgery and found that knowing how to get in and out of bed with an abdominal wound a real help.  There is a technique that is very similar to those who have had hysterectomy and I found this link to a video showing how to get in and out of bed with an abdominal wound very helpful.  Here is the link  

pelvicexercises.com.au/after-hysterectomy/.  It can also be something that you can practise before you go into hospital for surgery so that you are well prepared.  

Good luck and keep positive - you feel better and stronger each day post operatively. x





I will be having a bilateral mastectomy with a diep reconstruction on the 14th October this will be followed by chemo.  Can you let me know what you brought in to hospital with you eg type of underwear? I am sure I will speak to BCN ahead of the surgery. 

I do not have time to do the yoga but I will make sure my sister sees your post. She has her diep booked for June 2015. 


How long has it taken you to recover. Is there anything you wish you knew about?

Take care Di



Hi, I had my DIEP 18 months ago and did a sort of blog befire, during and after. If you want me to dig out a copy to send to you then pm me with your email address. X