Positive stories

Hi im new here, am 34 years old and have been through my lumpectomy and start chemo on thursday.

Idc, grade 3, stage 1 and 1 micromet in node! Im.looking for positive stories from girls my age ?

Aimee x

Welcome Aimee & glad you found us, but, of course you would rather not be here.
There are certainly others here at a similar age to you, you’re not alone & hopefully they will be along to share their experience.
There is the younger women & families thread here
Also do have a look at the ‘going through treatment’ board, where you will be able to join your monthly chemo thread here where you will be able to chat to others going through similar.
There are certainly loads of positive stories out there, the vast majority of us come through it all & get back to life as normal.
Although the early days of diagnosis are such a shock, at least you have now started treatment to get it all sorted out.
ann x

Thank you for your kind words ann, i will habeba look at the threads xx

Hi Aimee
I am 34 and was diagnosed in August 2017. I’ve had 6xFEC-T a single mx and ANC and 15 radiotherapy sessions. Going forward I am on 4 weekly zoladex injections and daily tamoxifen for 10 years.
Apart from my hair still being really short I’m not really suffering any long term effects from the chemo. I went back to work at the beginning of March. I do get hot flushes mainly at night.
If you’ve got any specific questions then let me know or pm me.
Cassie x

Hi cassie, thank you for responding…how did you find the chemo? I am having tamoxifen and zoladex too, sao you have them every month?xx

Hi Aimee. The chemo was doable. Best advice I can give is to just take one day at a time don’t put pressure on yourself to do too much. Listen to your body and take it easy.
I have zoladex injections every 4 weeks and on daily tamoxifen tablets. So far the only side effect is hot flushes which generally happen at night.

I will, i felt fine through the op and after but worried this is gonna knock me for six!

Thanks for the advice cassie, did you cold cap? X

Hi mai7, have had a little read before tea! Will read on tonight…thank you xx

No i didn’t cold cap. I lost all my hair. But now over 3 months since last chemo and I have a good covering. My husband says that I don’t look like a cancer patient anymore it looks like I just had my hair cut really short. It’s definitely darker than before too. I just didn’t want the extra time in hospital having the cold cap so didn’t bother. Anything you get on chemo is temporary so remember that it’ll all pass. Gave me something to hold on to when not feeling so good x

I will keep that in mind thank you…glad you are both doing well after chemo xx

Hi Aimee, I’m 38 IDC grade 2 1 node. Having neo adjuvant chemo 6x FEC-T. Just finished the FEC and moving onto T next week. Tolerated it not too bad so far and cold capped. Had hair thinning but its hanging in there. How are you getting on? How was lumpectomy? I am meant to get mine July time. Re positive stories I have a friend who went through this when she was 30 with a grade 3 tumour and lots of node involvement. She is doing fine nearly 7 years on. These kind of stories keep me going xx

Hi klafto, thanks for reaching out…glad to hear you are doing well after chemo…when did your hair start to thin? Im aslo cold capping had my 1st fec last week, do you keep it on for the t part too?

Thank you so much for sharing that positve story about your friend, really need to hear things like that.xx

Thats good news, well done for sticking to it…think i only it for 3.5 hrs at my hospital! Hope its worked.

How it the t part going for you?

Thanks for all the positves, so encouraging isnt it as you just see negative. I know someone who had in her 30s and shes 10 years down the line, we have to believe.
What was your diagnosis?


Thanks for sharing, Katflo & so good to see how with a good strategy, the www can provide reassurance as well ?
ann x

Good luck for it all, let me know how you are getting on and take each day as it comes which is what im trying to do xx