Positive Thinking

I’ve found positive thinking and visualisation of great benefit. I think one of the most frightening things about diagnosis is that feeling of lack of control. I am an ex Psychology teacher and in my initial panic I disregarded everything that I’d ever learned about the power of the mind. Oddly, a programme on Derren Brown on television brought me back to my senses as he shows what amazing things can be done. I strongly believe that our own mind can really cure - think of the placebo effect. Before my lumpectomy and primary lymph node removal I used this technique every day and am convinced that my subsequent results (clear around the lumpectomy & nothing in the lymph node) were because of this. Additionally, although not a religious person, I prayed to St Winifred of Holywell - a saint near me who performs miracles (it’s surprising how suddenly we clutch at religion when really scared!) My sister had been to St Winifred’s Well some years ago & found that her knee was miraculously cured & the problem never returned. I was unable to get to the Well, but prayed anyway and again I’m certain that St Winifred heard and assisted. This also calmed me when I was in a blind panic. So, I’d advise positive thinking and whatever else you believe - along with the medical treatment, of course!

Hi Jag3, i am with you on this - since being diagnosed after a routine mammogram I immediately used Positive Mental Attitude trying not to allow negative thoughts come into my mind (and yes a few did get through but batted them back out and tried to find a positive out of any negatives). It’s hard to stay positive but have a brilliant and supportive husband who believe it not was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer last July (all well after surgery and chemo). We are all on our own journey and although it can be a dark place at times for all of us I have found this website and the ladies on here one of the biggest supports of all because everyone is so honest about their feelings and situations.

As soon as my GP told me there was a lump and my nipple was inverting I chose to hand over the problem/process to God. I believe that He is central to the process I am going through. I am not worried about it and know that whatever His plan for me is it will be good. Many of my friends at church are praying for me and being very encouraging and supportive.
This way of handing things over to God has worked for me when my son was born and was very ill. Also when my son died aged 32 in 2011 He helped me through that very difficult time with support and protection. God is faithful and works only for our good.