Positive trial

I’m flabbergasted!
I was told break after 2 years, then I found a video about this trial, q&a - from 9 months ago ,so not that long
They spoke about the trial , medication etc …
I thought this whole 2 year on meds then break was like this mirical thing,
Nope! The only reason it’s 2 /3 years is you get some benefits, probably between 10-20% I stead of 50% from 5 years, it’s only because they thought it was better that people went on something then nothing.
I’m peeved off!
They talk about the trial like it’s some God send, that’s it’s no risk compared to those that don’t get pregnant when infact to me it seemed playing with people lives & it’s not really this positive trial about less risk of cancer .
There were still those that got cancer,- distant, a new one

If was only really about low risk cancer, grade- size, etc the safest option as they have low risk as higher risk is obviously going to be high what ever!

There is no data on long term it only last up to like 3/4 years!
They don’t seem to have a clue on medication after pregnancy,other then more at risk of blood clots after pregnancy with tamoxifen.

I’m just so peeved off!
Feeling trapped not knowing what to do! I have no kids so ,

Do you know the name of the trial and exactly what they are claiming with it? Is it that two years of endocrine therapy is enough?

Yeah but it’s not enough, it’s just someone plucked the number up 2 years because you get some benefit 20-30 % rather then nothing if you tried before hormone therapy.
It was the actual video trial of the results & someone who was on it.
It was different to how I thought it was,
I thought I might actually be helping myself with 2 years but might not be enough & cancer is sneaky , might come back , the hormone therapy starves your cancer cells

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I am not aware of any trial that says two years is enough nor would my oncologist I think recommend it. It’s five years minimum and then some of us even go ten for exactly what you said. Breast cancer is sneaky.

It’s the positive trial that has happened,
No point me having a child at 41/42 my partner would be pushing nearly 50,

Ahhh. I think I found the press on it - https://www.cancer.gov/news-events/cancer-currents-blog/2023/pausing-breast-cancer-treatment-to-conceive#:~:text=The%20study%20found%20that%20women,baby%20during%20the%20treatment%20pause.

It was paused for women who had early stage breast cancer and they found that for those women, in the short term, it did not increase the chances of their cancer coming back. But you’re right that we don’t have any long term results yet and I can’t find where they list what the biology of the breast tumors were. Like for those that did have a recurrence were they grade 3, did they have lymph node involvement, etc. But as anything it’s risk versus rewards. You would need to decide how safe you felt and whether the risk you feel you were undergoing by doing it would be worth the benefit of a child. No one can tell you what the ratio is for you. But I wish you the best and I’m so sorry you have to consider this. It sucks so much and nothing about this is fair or right.

Oh wow, thanks :blush: this explains it all really well,
It’s very worrying, to me it does not sound positive,I duno if that’s my pessimistic outlook or not !

Well remember that you’d go off for two years for a pregnancy and then immediately go back on. It’s a pause. Not cessation of treatment. I would explain your worries to the doctor and see what they have to add.