possible bone mets

Hi folks,
It has been a long time since i have been on here, i have been trying to get on with life post cancer.I used this forum a lot when diagnosed and found it invaluable. Everyone was so supportive and it is nice to speak to someone who understands.Anyway i was diagnosed in July 2008, 2.1cm, HER+, ER+ had lumpectomy and SNB, nodes were clear. Had chemo,radiotherapy and herceptin.Was on tamoxifen but stopped it after a year as i hated the side effects.
I have had a pain in my R leg for a while.It is in the hip and down into the groin. At first it was happening now and then, sometimes it is like a gripping pain that makes me limp then it gets better again.Over time it has incresed in severity and frequency, i have pain every day now.
I went to the Onc who did x ray and bloods, i do not know the results yet. On friday i had a bone scan, i feel the person carrying it out seemed to be giving off bad vibes via her body language, Maybe i am paranoid this illness certainly has made me that way. I was told in the morning of the test that if anything showed up they would do an x ray, so when after the scan i was asked if i had xrays done you can imagine what i was thinking. I have to wait over 2 weeks before i see the onc, i wish they could just tell you the results but i suppose it is not allowed.
Anyone got any thoughts?
powerjen x

I can’t offer anything except sympathy powerjen. I’ve been in the same situation myself and understand how nervous you can be waiting for test results. Maybe the radiologist was having a bad day or was waiting for her tea break. I’m not trivialising her reaction but I know my self that I can interpret bodylanguage according to how I’m feeling. Do you have anyone to talk things through with?

Can you plan something to help you relax while you are waiting. I almost feel the worst part is waiting; once one has a diagnosis one could get to grips with whatever needs to be done next.

Big hug for you ((( )))

Hi powerjen,

the ‘not knowing’ is so hard along with the waiting and I really feel for you. When I was going through the various tests to see if I had bone mets they did the xrays first - you say your onc did xrays & bloods so did you have to have more xrays after the bonescan?

I don’t think it would be unreasonable to phone your onc (or secretary) and say you would like to speak to the onc. When I had my scans etc. I was going on holiday abroad before the appointment for results so I called my onc and explained that I needed to know if they had found anything just in case I needed to be extra careful on holiday what I did etc. and he told me that they had found something and had I got enough pain meds etc. before I saw him again so at least I knew that they had found bone mets.

I do hope you havent got bone mets - those sort of symptoms could be down to problems with a disc, but if it is bone mets there are lots of us on the board who will be here to help you through it - many of us living with it for quite a few years now. I was diagnosed with it in 2002, and there are one or two earlier than that. Do let us know how you get on.


Hi little mrs, Yes you are right, maybe i was reading too much into the situation.I was saying to the radiologist how i wish people could tell you there and then at least you then know. I assume they are not allowed to give out any indication,
Hi Dawn, i had an xray and bloods done first then the bone scan, i do not know if the bloods or xray showed anything.When i went for the scan i was told if anything is found then x rays would be taken.when i went in the afternoon i got a different staff member who asked me at the end if i had xrays taken so that worried me , what sort of symptoms did you have with the mets? i am hoping it is sciatica or arthritis, time will tell,
thanks for your replies x

Hi folks,
update re situation. i phoned my bcn as i was like a cat on hot tin roof. she said there is nothig major on the bone scan, degeneration of the back. i have to get the results next week from the onc . my bloods were normal. of course i am delighted but at the back of my mind i am worrying that they have got it wrong, i have read of people who have been told they have degeneration then eventually find out it is mets,am i being my usual paranoid self?
nancy x