Possible lymphodema

Hi folks
I had BC treatment 6 years ago, including right side MX and 25 lymph nodes removed. My right arm has always been a tiny bit puffier than my left, but today I’ve noticed I have a swollen area in my armpit which is sore, like a bruise. I also may be imagining it, but my hand feels a bit numb. I’ll go to the GP as soon as I can, but does it sound like it could be the onset of Lymphodema? I’m hoping it is nothing more than that. xxx

Hi Flora,

Have you done anything different to put your arm under stress and strain ? i would seek advice as soon as possible as lymphoedema is a long term condition which has to be managed carefully, and may require the wearing of pressure garments. Are you still doing your exercises ?

When my arm / underarm felt puffy i saw a lymphoedema specialist nurse. She carefully measured the circumferance of both arms at multiple measured distances, then carried out calculations to assess the percentage difference. The difference was less than 10% but she said i was voicing concerning symptoms. She did say development of lymphoedema is a life long risk now.

Good luck, hope you get your answers

LL xx

Thinking of you, pls let us know how you get on.

Thanks Lexilou. I’ll get to the GP this week to get a referral. Or I may call the BC nurse at the hospital if I still have her number! I don’t really still do exercises. It’s been just under 6 years since mx and just over a year since recon, so I just go about my normal life. I don’t recall doing anything in particular recently that would have strained it more than normal.