Possible Pagets, scared to death! Please help…

It started about 2 months ago. Right nipple was oozing some serous discharge.  I was not overly concerned. Actually thought I was pregnant. Period came the next week, no more discharge. 

it happened again a few weeks later. Just tiny bit of clear discharge on the nipple. Went to see my gyn, got tested for prolactin/tSh, normal.  Went for mammo/ultrasound. Botha negative.  Gyn reassured me and said most likely hormonal. 

Then I saw a tiny bit of inflammation on the nipple, not sure if it’s from the wetness constantly.  It’s sensitive and felt like a rash. At this point I googled enough to know it could be Pagets.  I panicked and put hydrocortisone on it for 4 days.  It went away immediately and no more pain, nipple looked completely normal. 

I was scared enough to see a breast surgeon. She did a very thorough exam.  She felt no abnormality.  She examined my nipple and quickly said it was most likely not Pagets.  I explained that I had treated it with hydrocortisone.  She said Pagets would not have responded to that and healed that quickly. She advised me to stop using the cream so she can see it if it gets irritated again.  And sending me for an MRI.  

A week later, the nipple was oozing again, I also developed some other blisters/rashy bumps around the area where the outline of my bra straps are.  But I don’t think it has anything to do with the nipple symptoms. 

I went back to the surgeon and demanded a nipple punch biopsy. She examined my nipple (it looks normal that day) and she refused and said I should go for the MRI first. Except I have to go 7-14 days after my next period. My period hasn’t come, I am so stressed out that I don’t know when it will come. 

I am so anxious over this. The wait is killing me and my Pagets might be spreading.  Please share your experience if you have any. Does this sound like Pagets? 

Hi Im sorry you didn’t get a reply to your post . I hope you had a positive outcome after your MRI scan.x