Possible polyp on womb - should i be worried

I have been on tamoxifen for a year and recently went for an ultrasound after I experienced a one-off heavy period about three months ago - 9 months after chemo. Consultant said that because of my age - i’m 39 - my periods may well come back after chemo. He didn’t seem too concerned but said he would send me for an ultrasound to see what was going on. Anyway the doc who did the ultreasound said that there looked to be activity in the ovaries so I wasn’t menopausal and then I got a letter today from the consultant to say the scan showed a possible polyp on my womb and that he was going to sent out another appointment for me to come in and have some blood test done and to discuss if they can do anything further for me…so now I am beginning to panic a little because I’ve read that Tamoxifen can cause womb cancer is small number of cases…Has anyone had polyps while on Tamoxifen or know much about them?

Hi Loubel

Sorry to read that you have this worry, our helpliners are back on Monday morning at 9 am and you are welcome to call for support and information on 0808 800 6000 (weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2)

Take care


Hello Loubel,

I’m quite a bit older than you (was 47 at diagnsis, now just hit 50) but was premenopausal then. Chemo wiped out my periods, but after ~18months on Tamoxifen I had a one-off bleed. I had a transvaginal ultrasound which showed endometrial (lining of the womb) thickening and I was referred for a hysterocopy and biopsy. They found and removed a polyp and scarped away the excess cells. Pathology showed the cells were ‘normal’. Although Tamoxifen does increase the risk of endometiral cancer, it still remains a very small risk, hopefully you, too will have ‘normal’ cells. I understand that if they find abnormal cells they will offer you appropriate treatment, though it will mean more surgery.

Take care and hope it is all soon sorted.

Hi Loubel, I have been on tamoxifen about 2 years and am pre-menopausal. I stopped bleeding altogether on tamoxifen and then started again just a little. Was referred for ultrasound because as you say tamoxifen can have endometrial cancer as a SE and I think they want to be careful. Scan showed thickening so I ended up having an investigation (called a hysteroscopy where they check with a little camera and a biopsy. I didn’t have a polyp - which as best as I know are benign but can cause bleeding? My SiL had one, nothing to do with bc - but had I had, It would have been removed in the same procedure and checked. There was another woman who’d had bc there at the same time as me and that is what she was doing, having a polyp checked out.

It is a ten minute procedure and I was told that it is VERY rare to get endometrial C, they just want to be vigilant. I guess I am glad that they do, even though scans and waiting for results is so scary. I know of a few other people who have had similar issues on tamoxifen or other hormone treatments so I don’t think it’s that uncommon xx

Hi Revcat and Mary Grace
Thank you so much for your comments…it is good to get a little reassurance. I guess I will just have to wait for my appointment to come through and take it from there.
Thanks again